Colorful vs. White Restaurant Table Linens


What color are your tables? For many restaurant owners, tables are nothing more than just functional pieces of furniture. But tables hold bigger, better opportunities for creating an image for your restaurant than just simply holding the plates and glasses.

The way to a better table setup might just be in your choice of restaurant tablecloth linens!

One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to picking table linens is whether to get white linens or colorful linens. We’ve broken down each option’s advantage so you’ll know which choice will be best for your restaurant:

White Restaurant Table Linen

  • Creates the perfect base. White linens make for the perfect base for additional accouterments. Because of their neutrality and brightness, they serve to highlight anything placed on top like colored napkins, flowers, table runners, and other types of centerpieces. White restaurant table linens allow you endless possibilities for your table aesthetics so you can go from classic and clean to eccentric and eye-popping without having to change your table covers at all.
  • Easier-to-spot stains. Many restaurant owners veer away from white linens because they are so easy to stain and are harder to maintain. However, what they do not realize is that the easy visibility of stains makes them easier to clean. With white linens, you’ll never run the risk of missed spots and the embarrassment that inevitably ensues when your diners beat you in finding said stains.
  • Looks cleaner and classier. White has always been associated with cleanliness and that’s the kind of impression you’d want to make with a restaurant business. White linens give your tables a spotless, sleek, clean appearance that never runs out of style.

Colorful Restaurant Table Linens

  • Brighter and more noticeable. With the right color choice in your restaurant table linens, you need nothing more than minimum effort to create a striking first impression. Colorful table linens can easily blend in with the rest of your existing aesthetics or stand out on their own against a more muted background.
  • Creates bigger impact on table aesthetics. If you’re looking for maximum impact for your table aesthetics, your tablecloths are a great place to start. With the right color or pattern your tables can become part of your dining room aesthetics as opposed to just being functional pieces of furniture. That’s maximum impact for minimal effort.
  • Create a signature image. Branding relies on creating a signature image that your customers will remember you for, and the right patterns and colors of your restaurant table linens can bring that for your business.

Picking the Right Restaurant Table Linens: Beyond Your Color Choice

But color is not everything. When it comes to restaurant table linens, there are a couple other factors to consider:

  • Shape. Pick a cut that will perfectly suit your existing furniture.
  • Size. The right size of tablecloths is the defining line that separates a complete look from restaurant tables that look sloppy and undone.
  • Material. In picking your restaurant tablecloths, take into consideration the durability of the material as well as its suitability for the kind of restaurant you own.
  • Maintenance. When it comes to restaurant table linens, the one thing that is just as important as picking the right linens is their maintenance. The proper care of your linens makes sure that they are not just presentable and clean for every diner, but that they last as long as they should – maybe even longer!

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