Computer Life Hacks that Will Save You Tons of Time

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Now in the modern digital world, there are almost none of the people who can live a long time without a computer. Computer life hacks will make your work easy for both computer or laptop users.

Many people use computers to access the Internet, social networks, playing games even some people work throughout the day, staring at the monitor. But more or less many of them are not aware of computer life hacks.

There are 3 types of computer users: first those who use a mouse more often, second those who are habitual to using the keyboard, and the last who take help from a virtual assistant for work or to solve a problem.

So, I have prepared for you a list of 10 computer life hacks. The following computer life hacks will save time and effort for everyone, whether the device is used for work or for entertainment.

10 Computer Life Hacks

Computer life hacks

1. Downloading Image from Google search

When you need to download images into your computer, most of the users right-click on it and select the “save” option. But believe me, there is a much easier way of downloading images. Just hold down the Alt button and left-click on the image. It will automatically be saved in your default folder, most often Downloads folder.

Similarly in MacBook, hold down the Control button, and then click on the image. You will see a drop-down menu where you will need to select the “Copy Image” function.

2. Restore Deleted Tab

When I was looking for important information on the Internet for a long time. While I was reading it, I accidentally closed the tab with an awkward movement of my hand. I faced such a situation most of the time.

Thank goodness I knew how to quickly fix this problem.

If you also face this situation too, you just need to simultaneously hold down three buttons on the keyboard. “Ctrl”, “Shift” and “T”, the previously closed tab will return again to its place.

3. Google Docs

The following hack will be of interest to those people who constantly write texts on a computer or often needed to copy the text from the websites for after use. I am sure that almost everyone has a similar situation, then unforeseen circumstances occur, such as a power outage, laptop discharge, and electricity shutdown, so on.

As a result, the document, text, and your hard work are not saved. In order to avoid such situations that it is best for you to use Google Docs. There is no need to press the save button often to save anything, the system will do everything for you in real-time.

Also in Google documents, there is a good function of rich editor and portability, with which you can edit text online from absolutely any gadget.

4. Opening a New Tab

If you cannot imagine your work and life without the Internet, and your whole work depends on the Internet, then this function will certainly be useful to you.

Instead of opening a new tab with the mouse in the browser, next time just uses the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + T, it’s much faster. Similarly, in the case of MacBook, you need to press the Command key instead of Ctrl.

5. Watermark Free Images

It often happens to us that a picture you like has a watermark. Of course, it can be removed using Photoshop and with other similar software, but this is a long and laborious process.

It is much easier using the google chrome browser, just by right-clicking on the picture and selects the photo to search the picture in Google. You can find exactly the same picture without a watermark and the size you need. Yes, there are often chances of getting similar images that which are you looking for.

6. The Laptop Battery Charges Faster In Airplane Mode

If you need to quickly charge your laptop, put it in airplane mode. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and many other functions will be blocked, and this will save the life of the battery a little. In airplane mode, both laptops and phones charge 10-15% faster than normal.

7. Ask Google About the Problem

Most of the everyday problems related to computers, PC Case and technology can be fixed in less than half an hour at the most. However, some users who are far from working with hardware, even if the issue is not much big, still they immediately run for help to the nearest workshop.

If you are facing any problems computer, don’t panic. Enter the problem information on Internet sites like Google, Youtube, Quora, etc. and see what the search prompts you for. Most likely, they will give you a solution or may contain a lot of links to the technical forums of Microsoft or Apple, where it is described in detail what things to be done to fix the problems.

Do this, and then, perhaps, the need to go to a specialist will disappear by itself. This computer life hack will your both time and money.

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8. Delete files Permanently

Tired of moving files to the trash (Recycle bin), and thereafter deleting files from there? Do a simple thing press the buttons simultaneously shift+delete.

With this help, you can avoid files getting into the recycle bin, this hack will delete your files permanently from the memory of your computer.

9. Start Instant dialogue of Cortana

Users with the latest version of Windows 10 on their desktop can use Cortana for help. It is a digital assistant like a google assistant that will give advice in case of difficulties that you are facing with a computer.

If you are unaware of how to use this function, then just hold down the Windows logo key and the C key, and then ask Cortana your question. She may ask you counter questions to understand how you can solve your problem.

If you have a MacBook, press Command and Space – a similar virtual assistant, Siri, will appear.

10. Empty desktop to speeds up your computer

Has your Computer PC slowed down? Perhaps the problem is not of the equipment, but that too many shortcuts have accumulated on your desktop. Instead of creating shortcuts of little things on your desktop, it is better to create one folder and then sort everything accumulated inside it.

And applications and programs can be moved to the taskbar. Thus, only a few shortcuts will remain on the desktop, and the computer will work noticeably faster.

Computer Life Hacks ~ Bonus!

  • If you want to highlight the properties of any file instantly just press the buttons Alt+Enter.
  • To change the font style from normal to italic Press Ctrl + I.
  • If your caps lock is not working and you need to change the letter case, then you need to click on the buttons Shift+F3.
  • Press Ctrl + Q to exit the browser.
  • To quickly move between open programs, press the Windows key+ Tab key.


So, in this article, many computer life hacks have been sorted out that will simplify your life. Memorize and use them gradually, and then you will have much more time.