Help guide for MRI Patients to overcome their fears.


It is normal to get anxious before getting an MRI scan done. That huge machine with the sliding bed is not a very pleasant sight. Not to worry, it’s not that painful or scary as it seems. You just need to maintain your cool and let the machine do its work. To help you through this MRI, have a look at the enlisted points.


Fear of being in an enclosed space erupts when you are lying on the bed and are about to slide in. the best way to avoid this condition is to close your eyes and think about nature, an amusing anecdote, humming a song in your mind or anything that takes your mind away from the fact that you are inside a MRI room.

Incomplete knowledge

You might not be aware about what happens in a MRI test. This lack of knowledge might scare you from getting the test done. Ask your doctor or read online or any medical manual about the scan. This will help to prepare yourself mentally beforehand.

Hammering noise

As the MRI magnets start their work, there is a constant banging sound that goes on for the entire test. This sound sometimes becomes unbearable and can cause discomfort. Try to zone out by asking for earbuds before the test or by distracting your mind. Don’t pay attention to the sound and keep your sensory receptions to the minimal.

Unable to lay still

The most difficult task is to stay still for the duration of the test. Even a little movement can disturb the scanning process and you might have to do it all over again from the beginning. To avoid this problem, you can ask the technician to signal when there’s a window for any movement. You can also ask your doctor for sedatives if you find it really hard to stay still.

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Pondering about the radiations

Radiations used in diagnostic procedures can have some harmful effects also. The good part of MRI is that it doesn’t produce any radiations. MRI uses magnets, magnetic fields and some radio waves to produce three dimensional images of body tissues or ligaments. These waves are completely safe and don’t have any effects on human body.

About that contrast dye

Some doctors want to have a coloured MRI scan for better images. For this purpose, contrast dye is injected before the test. This dye is doesn’t have sedatives and doesn’t hamper with body system. If you are injected with the dye, there is nothing to worry as its completely safe.

Feeling jittery inside that machine

The MRI room is cold and deserted. Only you are there in the room along with the machine. The technician is behind a glass screen where he is capturing images. You might feel alone there. Again, the best way out is to take your mind elsewhere or just lie down there calmly with your eyes closed enjoying the solitude as your cut off from the world for some time.

Time stops while you are lying there

The duration of MRI lab tests is usually from 30mins to 1hr30mins. This is surely a long time to stay inside a machine where you can’t move or talk. Try to deviate your attention from how much time has collapsed and what portion of it is remaining. Don’t allow your mind to keep a track of time as this can cause impatience and restlessness.

Afraid to be left alone

In this world where we are never left alone, staying in alone for a diagnostic test can be an issue. But we can look on the brighter side by taking advantage of being in our own company for some time. We can catch up with ourselves and have a conversation with the voices in our heads.

Last minute anxiety

As you are sitting in the lounge waiting for your turn you might have cold feet. This is very common and you might decide to postpone the test. But before doing that just think that you have made it so far and now is not the time to step back. You are here and get done with it once and for all. Turning back is not the solution as you might have to come back some day.

Getting an MRI done isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Just go in there and get it done. Many labs near you will have a 24/7 MRI scans facility with nominal prices of MRI scans. Overcome your fear, MRI scans are must easier than your life problems and you can surely deal with it.