7 impressive way to store your Cosmetic Products in Display Boxes

cosmetic storage display boxes

Decoration and style of the cosmetic products matter when they are presented into retail stores for sales. Luckily cosmetic storage display boxes are there to present them in the most eye-catching way and at a prominent place. The use of custom inserts and dividers aids the brands in enhancing the storage space and raising the presentation. Various types of design options make them distinctive from other brand products. Study corrugated cardboard material used to manufacture these boxes keeps the items safe during shipping. Scoring allows to transform them into attractive showcase packaging with a variety of other customization techniques and product details. 

It is imperative for all cosmetic businesses to showcase their products in a fashionable manner. Cosmetic storage display boxes are placed at the countertops and let the brands get noticed by every person coming into retail stores. They are durable and a great protective solution for the products. Brands can get them in flat condition, and then they are transformed into attractive shapes by utilizing the perforated lines. Custom printing options turn them into an all-time marketing tool in retail stores. The use of gloss and matte finishes gives them an elegant look. Various customization techniques like embossing, gluing, and foiling also enhance their visual aesthetics.

Cosmetic storage display boxes are popular to display the products over counter shelves. They are a perfect solution for the presentation of products, and it is possible by their various types. Every type allows the brands to store their cosmetic products differently in the most enchanting manner. Here are some of those types and the ways they store these beauty products. 

Countertops with plain base

One of the simplest ways to store the different types of cosmetic items is using custom cosmetic boxes with a plain base. They are an ideal option to store the products in a limited quantity. However, brands can expand their base from all sides to increases the storage space. They allow the storage of products in both vertical and horizontal ways. Cosmetic items that have some liquid attributes can be stacked over each other in a straight position to grab the attention of buyers. The use of attractive typography over the back wall panel raises their standing. 

Stand up boxes for large products

As the name suggests, this cosmetic cardboard packaging is an ideal option to display products that are a bit large in size. It is the best way to inform buyers about the arrival of new products in the retail stores. Hair sprays, food items, and different types of oils can be displayed in them in a vertical way. The back wall panel is made with strong corrugated cardboard material that provides the support to stand in straight conditions. Such higher-visibility also gets noticed quickly by the buyers at the cash counters. 

Boxes with dividers

These custom cosmetic packaging boxes come with built-in dividers of the cardboard or kraft paper material. These dividers are placed according to the measurements of the cosmetic products. Brands also have an option to remove these dividers. In some cases, these dividers are adjustable to increases the storage space. Products are placed vertically in these specified places between the dividers. It looks pretty adorable and convincing, and on the other hand, they also protect the items from colliding with each other during the shipping process.  

Display packaging with inserts

Some cosmetic products like lip gloss, lip balm, lipsticks, and all other small products have a short diameter, and dividers do not work perfectly for them. Moreover, they are unable to stand properly without small packaging. So, the brands can use custom cosmetic boxes with some insets. Various holes are punched into the thin sheet connected with the sidewalls that hold these items perfectly in a vertical way. Brands can ship the bulk of cosmetic items using this smart technique. Moreover, it looks very fantasizing and compels the buyers to make a purchase as the aesthetics of the beauty items are fully exposed. 

Power wing boxes to hang products

The power wing cosmetic cardboard packaging is made with strong layers of cardboard that can hold a handsome amount of products and have a great weight carrying ability. They are made to place over the counter as well as to display on the floor as a completely separate shelf. They are usually big in size and have a long back wall panel. There are various hangers attached to their back wall panel to hang the products. They are an ideal option for cosmetic accessories and other lightweight products. 

Multi-tier display box

When you have to store a lot of products in a single box, then there is no other such impressive option as the multi-tier custom cosmetic packaging boxes are. They consist of different levels that can reach up to three levels with fine stability. These levels can be made exactly over each other as well as by bending them backward for perfect product visibility. Such an innovative solution stands tall from all other options, and hence buyers get attracted toward them. 

Slope product arrangement

This arrangement of the products perfectly acts like a multi-tier solution but is small in size. These custom cosmetic packaging boxes are designed in a way that products are arranged in the steps of stairs format. These steps can also reach up to 3 or 4 according to the number of products. The walls of the packaging are also designed on the slope so that products could be visible from all sides. 

These were some inspiring and outstanding ways you can store and display the products in the cosmetic storage display boxes. Buyers can also utilize them at homes with a little alteration in them by adding the sliding drawers. There is much potential for customization in them to get the desired storage format for the products.