Diablo 2 Resurrected Blessed Hammer Paladin (Hammerdin) Build Guide

Diablo 2 Resurrected Blessed Hammer Paladin (Hammerdin) Build Guide
Diablo 2 Resurrected Blessed Hammer Paladin (Hammerdin) Build Guide

Want to play one of the best D2R builds? Here is the one considered as OP, the Hammerdin. Race through the heap by throwing whirling hammers all over the place, which will demolish demonic hordes, but also bosses. Here is a guide to skills, attributes and equipment of Paladin Blessed Hammer build from UTPLAY.COM.

Here you will find here a leveling and gameplay guide for the Blessed Hammer Paladin, more commonly known as Hammerdin.


Almost no creature of the bestiary has resistance to your hammers

Devastate groups of enemies and bosses

Easy to equip

Very resistant

Very mobile

Gains tons of mana fairly quickly


Ultra repetitive gameplay

Enemies that are sometimes difficult to hit

Painful to play in tight spaces

Principle and Gameplay

The principle is simple, even simplistic. Approach enemies then send your Blessed Hammer in a loop aiming at your main target. The hammers will whirl around and slaughter a bit of everything lying around in the area. You have to try to send a lot of them, as past the initial target (melee) you cannot really aim at the enemies. The only real difficulty in the build is to place yourself in the right place and at the right distance to hit the desired target (when there is one) with the hammers. This is not always easy in tunnels and narrow areas, since the hammers will disappear upon hitting a solid obstacle.

In parallel, it will be necessary to manage your auras well according to the situation, the Aura of vigor to move quickly and the Aura of Concentration to inflict maximum damage while avoiding interruptions. You will also use the Aura of Redemption to regenerate your mana while farming, when the difficulty is not too high, or to eliminate corpses in front of certain enemies able to raise them. And lastly, the Aura of Salvation will come in handy when you really need elemental resistances, like on caster groups or a boss like Mephisto in Hell mode. If you are tired of farming gears for it, buy Diablo 2 Resurrected items from reliable store is a fast way.

From a certain point in the game, you will also keep the Holy Shield bonus active at all times to improve your survival.

Recommended Skill Points

The Blessed Hammer being a level 18 spell, we recommend that you play a Build Zeal initially, then go to Akara at the Rogues’ camp in Act 1 to reset everything when you reach that level.

During leveling:

1 pt in Sacrifice

1 pt in Power

1 pt in Holy Fire, this becomes your default aura

3 pt in Fire resistance

1 pt in Zeal

Switch between Holy Fire and Fire Resistance, up to level 18

Level 18: Reset your talents and attributes.

1 pt in Holy Shock

1 pt in Blessed Hammer

1 pt in Prayer

1 pt Purification

1 pt in Defiance

1 pt in Stamina

1 pt in Power

1 pt in Sacred Purpose

1 pt in Concentration

Invest your remaining points in Holy Purpose, but keep 4 in stock for your next level, you cannot place more than one point in level 18 talents at this time, you can invest them in Blessed Hammer, Concentration and Stamina in your next levels.

The rest is simple, place all your points in Blessed Hammer until you reach 20 pts.

You can invest one point in Strike, one in Charge, and finally a few points in Holy Shield after level 24, if you start to have survival issues.

1 pt in Redemption at level 30 if you are fed up with mana issues, it will work wonders.

1 pt in Hi for Nightmare Mode

Your ultimate goal is to have 20 base points in Blessed Hammer, Stamina, Holy Purpose, and Focus.


The thresholds to be reached

Strength: as much as needed to carry your weapon, shield, and pieces of armor.

Dexterity: Very little, just enough to hit the 75% block chance when high level.

Vitality: put in all your points that did not go in the Force, this will be by far your main statistic. Life is the best defense.

Energy: You’re probably going to want to invest a few points here initially, but in the long run you won’t have any to put here.

Which Mercenary to Choose?

As soon as possible, pick up an Act 2 mercenary in Nightmare Mode, with the aura of Holy Immobilize. Its aura will slow down monsters, which will help you survive, as well as catch up with the more painful ones like the rogue archers who tend to flee. While waiting to be able to recruit this mercenary, use the mercenary of act 2 with the aura of Defiance. You will only have to transfer his equipment.

Avoid: All mercenaries are okay with the Hammerdin, then it comes down to efficiency or preference.

Best Weapons & Armors To Equip

Hammerdin is a very easy character to equip, he performs well even without anything fancy, and he’s a true monster that nothing can stop if you’ve equipped him well. It must be equipped as a caster after its respec at level 18.

What you will be looking for above all is:

from “+ X to the Blessed Hammer”, remember to go see Akara then his equivalent of the following acts to find a Scepter +3 Blessed Hammer quickly

from “+ X to skills” whether they are universal bonuses, or the Paladin

Elemental resistance bonuses

Quick Cooldown, Quick Spell Casting, Quick Block, Quick Walk / Run

Life bonuses

Searching for Magical Objects

Defense on Diablo 2 Resurrected items doesn’t matter much until you get to a very high level. You can also make yourself some Runic Words that are accessible enough to progress more quickly, in particular Stealth (Tal Eth on Breastplate) and Pact of the Ancients (Ral Ort Tal on Shield). A little later, Spirit (Tal Thul Ort Amn on Sword or Shield) is to be done twice, one on your weapon, and the other on your shield. And finally, Lapsus (Ort Sol on Helmet) remains among the relatively simple words to do during Nightmare mode. You can also make an Iris (Ral Tir Tal Sol, Staff, Polearm) on your mercenary’s weapon in order to benefit from a double aura from him, and almost infinite mana.