Everything You Should Know About Canadian Journalism

Everything You Should Know About Canadian Journalism

Starting in the journalism industry is not that easy. You have to strive hard, get better and better so that you can be like those bigger names out there. Especially if you are trying to be a journalist in developed countries like Canada, then you need to level up your game as there is going to be a lot of competition.

If you are a Canadian student pursuing journalism, then the following are the things that you need to know:

  • Prior Experience

Of course, every job needs prior experience, no matter how minor it is. The same goes for journalism. Because if you are starting without any expertise, you will feel that you have entered a dark alley. You can start with writing for college or university magazines during your degree years. Build a good portfolio as this is the thing that is going to guarantee your job or an internship.

Write on as many topics as you can. And if you have some specific interest, then you can also try to polish your skills in that field. 


  • Grab Whatever Chance You Get

Well, the thing is that as journalism is getting saturated in Canada, getting the chances for internships or jobs is becoming difficult. The more experienced you are, the more are the chances that you can land a good internship or job. That’s why try to grab every opportunity that you can get. Even if it is a really small job in the news or media company, just grab it and slowly make your way to the bigger positions. Journalists like Nick Gamache Ottawa didn’t come to the top just by sitting idly. They kept on working hard and grabbing every opportunity they could get to where they are now.

  • A Proper Homework

Well, before you start to interview people, you also get interviewed and do not do some simple question interviews. In Canada, before getting into an internship or job, a traditional interview is held to check if the candidate is the right person for the job. The person sitting on the other side of the mic is not going to hold back. You might have to answer several different questions and especially about the field you are applying in. So better do proper homework and research before hoping for the interview. People like Lester Holt also went through these tough screening processes.

  • Work According To Your Skill

Everyone has specific interests. The same goes for journalism. Choose some niche that you are very comfortable and interested in. For instance, if you are someone who can write Spanish and can cover different events in Spain, then better go for that. In this way, you are doing something that you are interested in and something that you can do easily.

  • Start Connecting

Now congratulations, you have landed the internship/job. Time to start connecting. Try to connect with your colleagues and have a good chat with them. You are working with experienced people in the field. And when you have finally landed here, why not make the best of it. In this way, you can have a good discussion about your work but also who knows you might end up making some really good friends.

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Journalism in Canada is not a piece of cake. You have to strive hard to get where you want to go, just like Nick Gamache The House. His determination to achieve what he really wants helps him to be successful. Take care of these points, and you might end up being the next best journalist.