What foods to avoid eating after getting a nose piercing?

foods to avoid after nose piercing

The popularity of nose piercings has increased in the past 10 years as has the rise in the number of people who have these piercings. However, they require particular care following the piercing procedure has been completed. You should be aware of diet restrictions prior to and following the piercing of the nose.

The piercing of the nose is a symbol of passage for many. It’s not just a great physical change, but also an emotional experience. One of the first things people do after getting their piercing done is take a meal to make the piercing more comfortable. But are you aware of the foods could cause harm to the new piercing? This article will help you understand the foods to avoid after the piercing of the nose.

What foods to avoid after nose piercing?

A lot of people who have nose piercings ask their body piercer’s professional about what foods to avoid following. But, it’s no less vital to inquire with your professional body piercer which foods to avoid following any nose piercing. The nose and the mouth are both connected.

They are connected to nerves and could cause a condition referred to by the name of “locked jaw syndrome.” It is crucial to avoid certain foods following the piercing of your nose, like raw eggs, meals containing raw meat and fresh seafood. It is also crucial to stay clear of spices following the piercing of your nose.

1. Foods that are big

Certain foods should be avoided if you’ve got the nose of a piercing. For example, foods that are large in size can cause physical injury. This is due to the fact that the piercing can make the flesh of your nose, which weakens the cartilage. It is this part which connects the septum to the nose. Also, the piercing of your nose will stretch the tissues that connect your nostrils. The cartilage used in a nose piercing can be thin and it is prone to being stretched too thin and tear. If this happens, you’ll need to remove the piercing.

2. Crunchy food items

Are you aware of what should be avoiding following a nose puncture? For some people even the tiniest object can cause discomfort. This is why it’s crucial to stay clear of foods that are crunchy, such as peanuts and nuts. These types of foods can cause irritation to the nose and cause discomfort. If your nose remains painful, you should stay clear of it.

3. Hot and spicy foods

Consuming foods that are spicy can trigger many issues for your body, like your throat, mouth, and stomach. If you suffer from an open nose it is recommended to stay clear of eating foods that are spicy, like jalapeno, tabasco or salsa. The heat may cause irritation to the mucous membrane, causing bleeding from your nose, or cause other problems. If you’re unsure of you should avoid eating You can look up “spicy foods to stay clear of” to get the answers.

4. Hot beverage with steam!

If you’ve just had your nose pierced in the hospital, it’s likely you’re in the mood for something warm and comforting. Hot tea hot chocolate, hot coffee All sound cozy! Before you go for a drink, make sure to note certain foods that can cause chaos on the piercing you just got. Hot foods can create an ointment for the new piercing.

In hot, liquids it can lead to the nose to swell. The steam could cause the piercing to open again. What should you consume or drink? Cold liquids, such as Iced tea, can ease the piercing while helping it heal. Also, you can eat lots of ice, or even pack the ice into a cup to alleviate the pain from the perforation. If you plan to enjoy a hot drink ensure it’s free of steam.

5. Acidic and Sour Foods

The healing process following an piercing to the nose is much less than the healing time after any real procedure, like surgery. The reason for this is that the skin around the piercing less damaged. But it is essential to maintain your nose’s cleanliness and avoid eating certain foods that could delay healing or trigger an infection. Things to stay clear of following the piercing of your nose are acidic and sour food items such as tomatoes, plums processed with high sodium as well as salt.

6. Sugary Food

Sugary foods can be detrimental to the healing process. If you’re trying to heal a piercing you must be cautious about when you eat. If you are eating foods that contain sugar, it could make the piercing get longer. It is essential to stay clear of sweet or starchy food before the getting your piercing. Consuming these kinds of food could reduce the amount of time it takes the body’s tissues to repair wound.

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Things to avoid following a the nose has been pierced

1. Do not use the use of antiseptics

In the case of nose perforations, there are a variety of actions you can take to ensure the safety of the piercing as well as prevent infection. One of the points to avoid is using antiseptics and other harsh cleaners. They can ruin tissues and trigger the wound to close. The best thing to do is clean them using warm water and mild soap. There are other things to avoid doing. Avoid blowing your nose and doing other breathing exercises for your nose. Be cautious while showering. Avoid hot showers and do not shower for more than a week following the puncture.

2. Do not try to play with your piercing!

If you’ve got an ear piercing then you’ll need to take good care of it. In the end, it’s your personal style which you’ll be proud to display. It is crucial to recognize that it can be damaged in the event that your play around with it, or when you place it in danger of being infected. It is not advisable to use your piercing for play.

3. Avoid swimming

After having their noses punctured, some people may wish to swim in the pool or take a bath in the ocean. It is crucial to be aware that the piercing process is healing therefore you should not go swimming for a period of about six weeks.

4. Avoid sport!

It isn’t recommended to play any sport during the first few months following having your nose punctured. The reason is that the nose-piercing area could become infected. Piercings of the nose are also susceptible to infection because they pose a chance of bleeding. Therefore, it is advised to stay away from activities for the first couple of months following the piercing to avoid any problems.

5. Don’t change your piercing!

Many people would like to take off their nose piercings after the healing process has finished. It is crucial to never remove your nose piercing until the healing process has ended. The piercing on your nose will begin to hurt quite a bit within a couple of days, and you might be tempted by the healing piercing in order that it will stop hurting. This could be a huge mistake. It is crucial to keep the nose piercing to allow it to heal completely. If you take off your nose piercings too soon the piercing could be damaged and you may have to have it repaired by an expert.

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We’re certain that you’ll want to eat something after you have your nose pierced. It’s normal. However, you must be aware that there are certain things you should stay clear of. The primary reason is that they could cause infection and inflammation. The best way to stay clear of these food items is to avoid eating them at least 24 hours prior to and after the tattoo. This way you’ll be able recover and to take good care of yourself. You’ll also be able to prevent any potential issues that might result from the new tattoo.