Top 10 Free Movie Apps For Smartphone

free movie apps

Entertainment is an important aspect of life, especially in today’s world; where everyone is busy with their own professional lives.

But as this Pandemic of 2020 has made us restricted from going to not only Cinema halls, but also anywhere without important reasons. So now going to Movie halls is not possible. But this article will give you some amazing information which you can apply to watch some fantastic movies not only from India but also from various cultures free and that too from the comfort of your bedroom. Sounds amazing, right? Keep on reading to know about some interesting free movie apps.

As it is the era of the internet, there are some really good free movie apps which you can find both in Google play store as well as Apple store which have different genres of movies with different taste and also from different cultures. There are applications which charge for it; but here are 10 best free movie apps which you can use to your best capacity and enjoy your holidays with your family from your home.

So keep on reading and know about the best free movie apps

●    Hotstar:

Hotstar is one of the most popular free movie apps available in India and similar countries. It has a lot of content to grab from different genres, different languages and also from different cultures. You have the option to choose whatever you want to watch. But as obvious, it is not the best version of itself when it’s free. A free version of the app gives you a little fewer options than the premium version. Also, as expected, you have to tolerate advertisements in between your movies or TV shows. 

But it’s plus point is it not only provides you with movies and TV shows, but you can watch live sports or any other live streaming if you would like to. 

Apart from the fact of advertisements and availability of options, Hotstar is one of the must-try from all free movie apps.

●    Tubi TV:

Tubi TV is another great one of all those free movie apps you will find around you. For all those movie buffs, Tubi TV is going to be the best friend. To kill your time with fun and entertainment, this application is best. It is available in Google play store. You can install it from there and enjoy your movie day.

You have the luxury to choose your favourite genre from all genres that are available in this application. There are numerous genres like fantasy, romance, science, horror, fiction, action, family drama, comedy, documentaries etc. 

Also, you can watch Indian and similar TV shows here. So without wasting time, install one of the best of all free movie apps to enjoy your holiday.

●    Cyberflix TV:

Are you a movie buff who likes to watch the latest releases of different genres but want it for free? Yeah! You have found the right place for you, and it is Cyberflix TV. It has almost all the latest releases of different genres and different tastes, unlike other free movie apps. Apart from this, Cyberflix TV has another plus point. It provides videos of great quality. You can watch all those movies or TV shows in 4k, 1080p or 720 p as per your choice.

Also, it has all the classic movies from different languages those which are found in Netflix or other paid applications. But you can access those on Cyberflix TV for free. So, for this reason, it is one of the best applications from all free movie apps.

●  Movie Anywhere:

Never have the confusion that free movie apps are not good in quality because they’re free. Movie Anywhere does not fit into it. It provides you with great quality content with good video quality too. It refreshes the featured movies weekly so that you can watch the latest releases with the best ratings. Are you wondering about ratings? Movie Anywhere app provides you with a small description of the movie or the TV show so that you can figure out if it fits into your choice of movies.

Apart from these, it has public reviews and ratings which will help you know how much people who have watched already like it. You can choose your favourite one from different server links that have been provided by the application. Although it’s one of those free movie apps, it contains movies and shows from paid applications like Netflix. So you can watch those contents for free.

●    SnagFilms:

Are you someone who loves watching movies around social issues? SnagFilms is the best of all free movie apps for you. It helps you watch indie movies from the comfort of your android device. It has movies around different kind of social issues and challenges in different languages.

The movies of this app are surrounded by serious aspects of today’s society like climate change, environmental pollution and other issues, LGBTQ society, women empowerment, acid attacks etc. Apart from this, it also inspires you with movies having contents like athletes and their story of success, refugee and immigrant stories etc. So SnagFilms is one of those free movie apps which not only entertains you but also encourages you. Apart from all these issue related contents, it has stories from different cultures like African and Latino movies. 

●    IMDb Movies and TV shows:

IMDb Movies and TV shows are an application different from all other free movie apps in certain aspects.

It categories movies into different genres so that you can directly go to your favourite genre and start searching there. It saves time and energy for the consumer. It also features all the box office hit Cinemas that you may look for.

Like other free movie appsit also has a huge collection of movies from various fields which may hold you. It provides you with a synopsis of movies that may help you select what you want to watch next. Navigation and watching movies are easier in this application because of its fast and easy UI.

All the videos are in good quality. You can either search with the name of the movie or can check the popular lists to find the one you wanted.

Also, it depends upon you if you want to stream or to download any movie or TV show you want to consume.

●    Megabox HD:

This is another one of the free movie apps that let you enjoy your favourite movie for free. This application has not been included in the Google play store, but you can download it as an APK file to use it in your android device.

The best part of this application is that although it is one of those free movie appsit does not have any ads. Also, it has no premium version or subscription fee. You can enjoy all your favourite movies without any huddle in between and also can download if you want to without any hassle.

●    MovieBox Pro:

MovieBox Pro is one of those free movie apps that help you enjoy your movies from your comfortable place without any hurdles. This application has the smoothest interface, and using it is very easy. It doesn’t have any subscription fee. You can enjoy this app without the tension of login and premium version, unlike any other free movie apps

●    Crackle:

Crackle has been designed by Sony. It is one of the most popular of all free movie appsIt features a bunch of free movies of various genres and TV shows. But it is not the best version of itself. So it is expected to make improvisation to attract more viewers to this application. But as one of those free movie apps, it is worth trying.

●    Pluto TV:

Of all free movie apps, it is one of the better options. It has thousands of movies and numerous TV channels and also all the popular TV shows. The only disturbing thing is the ads, but as it is one of the free movie apps, so it is quite obvious. So it is a must-try if free movie apps are your choice.

Bottom line:

Movies are a great way to learn new languages, to gather knowledge about new cultures as well as to entertain and chill from the hustles of life. So these free movie apps will help you watch your favourite movies for free and from the comfort of your bed, blanket and teacup. 

These apps have options to give ratings and also to view others ratings and comments on any particular movie. So before watching any movie, you can go through the ratings, views of people who have already watched it; and then decide your movie bucket list from any of the above free movie apps mentioned. 

Apart from this, you can also go for the application that you love the most, or that fits into your criteria and start using that from the above mentioned 10 best free movie apps.What are you still waiting for? Download these free movie apps from whichever store you want to like either Google play store or Apple store and start using those. Let’s enjoy the flow of life on holidays or free hours with these free movie apps which will entertain and enlighten you at the same time.