Glovebox Systems: Things to Know about the Apparatus


Glovebox system is a kind of container that is used to keep certain samples or specimens so that those can be used later for research work. If there are any hazardous or infectious products, the glovebox system is the best apparatus to keep those things protected. Researchers use basic glovebox systems which are the best to keep the specimen perfectly isolated within the right air pressure so that no contamination spread from the sample. In the case of aseptic compounding, non-hazardous life science applications, and microelectronics assembly, this glovebox system is perfectly used.

There are also more advanced glovebox systems that can maintain a negative pressure in the workspace so that no hazardous specimen can escape from it. such kind of gloveboxes is suitable for keeping infected animals, or any kind of unsafe materials like toxins, aerosols of pathogens, etc. There is some glovebox that can control temperature and humidity inside the box.

How Does a Glovebox Work?

A glovebox is also known as a dry box that comes with two ports and one window. Such boxes are quite large and the ports allow wearing arm-length gloves to insert the workers’ hands into the box while working with any toxic or infectious materials or any inert gases like nitrogen or argon.

Usually, the inside of the glove box is filled with inert gases, specifically nitrogen. But, if the material or samples of the box reacts with nitrogen, other kinds of inert gases like argon or helium can also be used. The glove ports also allow a little amount of oxygen to enter inside the glovebox.

There is also an antechamber at one side of the glovebox. The researchers can put the material into the chamber before opening the interior door and bring the object into the glovebox environment. The inert gas inside the glovebox should always be there, so, you need to make sure that you should never keep the exterior and the interior door open at the same time.

You should always check that that the glovebox is closed tightly so that the inert gases never leak from it. If the doors are not sealed well or there is any leakage in the disputed box, the inert gas will leak and lower the level of oxygen inside the laboratory that can cause critical cognitive and respiratory problems. If oxygen level lowers below the OSHA threshold, it can cause serious health problems, even death by asphyxiation. Therefore, to ensure the safety of glovebox operators at the work sectors, installing oxygen monitors is important,

Different Types of Glovebox

There are mainly two types of glovebox systems that are used in the laboratory for multi-purpose. Read on to know more-

  • Isolation Glove Box

The glovebox that contains positive pressure inside it is known as an isolation glove box. The inert gas is always inside, but there are valves in these kinds of boxes that expel excess gas from the box. For quality assessment tests, isolation glove box plays important role

  • Containment Glove Box

This is another type of glove box that contains negative pressure inside it. While processing the hazards inside, the air should always be vented outside through a filter.

Usually, the glovebox is used for scientific and medical researches, but certain types of portable glove boxes are also used in different ways. For example, mobile gloveboxes are used in a space station, or even in cars to carry numerous specially designed apparatus inside. From the electrical industry to the hospitals, the glovebox system has made things much easier. Today, critically ill new-born babies have a higher chance of survival while keeping them inside the protected environment in the hospital.

Here, you get a thorough insight into the glovebox systems and their usage for different purposes. The types of glovebox always help in different fields of researches. Though the usage of glovebox was started in the military services for carrying radioactive materials, today it is used in the medical sector and research field to carry samples so that those won’t spend contamination among the handlers. From the last 30 years, glove box systems have brought lots of advancements in scientific researches. It is one of the best cost-effective solutions to keep samples safe and clean for researches.

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