Greece Joker Results

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What is Greece joker lottery?

Greece Joker is a popular game of chance that offers both Greeks and international lotto players an opportunity to win an unlimited jackpot worth millions of Euro by mixing five starting from 1 to 45  the main numbers and one number out of 20 the so-called bonus number, which would be responsible for hitting the jackpot and the third, fifth, seventh, and eighth selves. To learn more about the game and try your luck, consult the LottoSend study, which includes a complete summary of everything that you need to know about this lottery.

The most recent greece joker results lottery draw was conducted on Sunday, April 4, 2016. This time the winning lottery numbers were 9, 10, 14, 17, 43, plus 1 for the bonus ball. Unfortunately, but nobody was lucky enough to match this mixture this time, and the jackpot winning chances are projected to be 1 in over 22 million. Even so, it’s important to note that nothing is really impossible. As well as the number of winners in the Greece Lotto proves it.

How to play Greece Joker?

This lottery game involves selecting 5 balls from a total of 45. In addition, there are 20 Powerball digits can choose. Five standard numbers and a single Powerball number would be drawn in the draw. You will win the lottery if you match the lot, just like any other lottery game. As previously stated, there are no prizes worth millions of Euros to be won in this lottery. It was one of the smaller European lotteries you may play in. Given this, players will win €1.50 for a specific numerical and Powerball combination, or €two for two balls and the Powerball, or three balls.

Who can play the Greece Joker?

This wasn’t long ago that the game’s rules were really tight, and the only people who could play the joker were Greek citizens or tourists to this lovely country. This has all changed, and then anyone can play and buy a Greece joker ticket online, and also display the results after the draw. Fortunately, hundreds of thousands of joker players do not have to leave their homes to participate in this popular event; due to the internet, they could participate, pay, and report the stats anywhere.

The only limitation in this popular video game is an age since only people over the age of 18 have the opportunity to pursue Greece joker. This really is due to the fact that even if you win the Grand Prize, you should show a legal document or certificate that shows your legal age, which will enable you to receive your money. Check the Joker’s results and the winning number is simple and quick.

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