Guide of TheOneSpy Parental Control Review


TheOneSpy is a trademark for all the robust parental control applications with powerful monitoring and tracking capabilities. It has all the things that we consider in the best parental monitoring application. It empowers you to monitor the target device screen, capture screenshots, block websites, surround recording, keystrokes, social media tracking, and many more. It is the top choice of parents these days that force us to do a TheOneSpy review.

Why we choose TheOneSpy as our top choice for parental control applications? 

Here is the top thing in this advanced monitoring software that has pushed us to describe the guide of TheOneSpy parental control software. Let’s dig out the tactful aspects of mobile and pc parental tracking app that every parent needs to know. 

  •  Introduction 
  • How to setup TheOneSpy on target device?
  • TheOneSpy parental spy products 
  1. TheOneSpy parental monitoring features 
  • Supported OS 
  • Pricing 
  • Easy to use & working ability 
  • Conclusion 


From cellphone devices to computers, teens are obsessed with the digital world and visiting inappropriate content frequently. Young kids used to interact with strangers on digital devices. Young kids interact with sexual predators, identity thieves, and stalkers. The digital vulnerabilities have become a headache for parents, and they have to do something for the digital well-being of kids. TheOneSpy review guide would let you know how you can get rid of all the concerns you have about your kid’s online safety. 

With TheOneSpy, you can set parental control on online activities no matter where you are and where your kids are at the moment. You can start surveillance on your teens addicted to cyberspace, like social media, porn, live streaming applications, and excessive screen –time. You can get the IM’s logs, call logs, activity logs of computers, browsing history, and GPS location at your disposal within a short time. Honestly, it is a pack with more than 250+ features and multiple parental control products. 

How to setup TheOneSpy on target device? 

To go further in explanation of TheOneSpy review let’s discuss how you can set up best cell phone and computer parental control software on your target devices. Well! It is very easy and makes you feel happy, because it only takes 3 minutes and three steps to configure it on your target device. 

Here the steps that enables users to get your hands on the world’s best parental spy software for kid’s online safety.

Step1:  TheOneSpy subscription process

Likely to every application on the web or the play store, visit the official website of TheOneSpy mobile spy  and PC parental control. You need to download the application, but you need to subscribe.  You can choose the subscription against the product of your choice. You will receive credentials via an email sent to you at your email address.

Step2: Physical possession of a device

You need to get the target device and start the process of installation. After a successful installation process, you need to activate it on the target device. 

A pop-up on the target phone screen will guide you to hide the parental control application icon on the target device.

Step3: logging into the secure web control panel

You need to have credentials that you have got earlier via email and use the password and ID and access to the web control panel. Further, go to the features windows and use sync settings to activate all the features and it will start monitoring kid’s activities and send instant results. 

Note: Users don’t need to root the target android device, but you have to jailbreak iOS phones and iPads. Furthermore, you can monitor and track windows and mac devices by installing TheOneSpy directly. 

TheOneSpy parental spy products

It is an application that has several products for parental control. Parents can choose subscriptions following the parental tracking applications. Here are the following products of the world’s top-rated cellphone and PC parental monitoring software.

  • Android parental control application (non-rooted) 
  • IPhone monitoring software (jailbreak devices) 
  • Windows tracking application (Windows OS) 
  • MAC spying software (MAC OS) 

TheOneSpy parental spy software for android Feature 

Here is the top feature of cell phone parental control software for android that every parent needs to know. You can use it on your kid’s phone and tablet device without and it will remain hidden and undetectable. 

  • Screen recorder 
  • View 360 
  • GPS tracker 
  • Social media spy 
  • Surround recorder 
  • Read Messages 
  • Remote spy 
  • Browsing history 
  • Web filtering 
  • Password chaser 

These are the features of best phone parental monitoring software. All the features are functional and non-rooted. It sends instant results to secure online dashboard. You can use the features for the digital safety of the children. 

TheOneSpy iPhone jailbreak solution Features 

Here are the top-rated and advanced features for jailbreak iOS devices that parents can use to set parental control on teen’s iPhones to the fullest. Take a look at the following features to monitor iPhone devices connected to cyberspace. 

  • Call logs 
  • Appointments 
  • SMS 
  • Contacts 
  • WhatsApp logs 
  • Notes 
  • Device information 
  • iMessages 

IPhone spy app is the best tool to monitor kid’s iPhones to the fullest. Parents can watch every activity that happened via calls, messages, SMS, contacts, and social media apps like WhatsApp. 

TheOneSpy Windows spying software Features 

Here are the most powerful and reliable parental control tools for windows device connected to the internet. Parents can use the following features to use on kid’s laptops and desktop device to protect them from digital nightmares to the fullest. 

  • Block websites 
  • Live camera spy 
  • Surround recorder 
  • Windows keylogger 
  • Windows tracking location 
  • Activity logs 
  • View installed applications 
  • Read emails 
  • Windows remote access 
  • Computer usage reports 

Windows monitoring empowers parents to catch every inappropriate activity of kids on laptop and desktop windows devices to the fullest. You can keep tabs on your kids 24/7 at the time and place of your choosing.

TheOneSpy parental control Features for MAC 

You can see the following features to track and monitor kid’s mac compute devices. It enables parents to catch inappropriate activities of children and you can safeguard your children to the fullest. 

  • Camera bug 
  • MIC Bug 
  • Screenshots 
  • Screen recording 
  • Keystrokes 
  • Block websites
  • Sync settings 

MAC parental spy app is the best application for the digital parenting of children. It monitors kid’s online activities to the fullest on laptops and desktop computers. 

TheOneSpy support OS 

Here is there following OS support for the best parental control application that parents should know.

Android: It is compatible with the Android OS version from 5.0 up to OS version 11. 0

iPhone: It is compatible with jailbreak iOS devices from 11.2 up to iOS version 14.3

Windows: It supports the entire Windows OS version 8, 9, and 10.

MAC: It supports all the MAC OS versions to the fullest.

TheOneSpy Pricing for all product services

Android parental monitoring software has multiple price and packages that are as follows. 

For Android: 

  • Android spy Xlite packages for $ 6.25/ month 
  • Android spy Premium edition for $12.5/month 

For iPhone: 

  • iOS package Premier for $ 35/month 
  • 3 moths package for $55 
  • 6 months package for $99 

For windows & MAC: 

  • Mac & windows package premium for $40/ moth 
  • MAC & windows Package for $ 60/ 3 months 
  • MAC & windows Package for $ 80/ 6 months 

Easy to use working ability

TheOneSpy software has other names like user–friendly and pocket-friendly. It only takes 3 minutes to complete its configuration. It is a hidden and undetected parental control app and you don’t need to root the target device. It means an easy-going parental tracking application gives you peace of mind.


TheOneSpy parental control guide gives you benefits and you can easily set parental control on kids and teens android, iPhones, MAC, and Windows OS devices to the fullest. Keep tabs on your kids connected to cyberspace and make sure they are safe.