Why do Stickers work for Marketing? (Tips from a Printing Company)


Marketing can be tricky, yet businesses rely so heavily on it. We craft it into our products and user experiences. We have whole teams focused on it every waking hour, searching for ways to get our message across to customers.

This article is also about marketing, but probably from a slightly different perspective than you may have read about before.

We’re going to explain the role of stickers in marketing and why they work. We’ll give you examples of successful marketing campaigns that use stickers.

We hope to get your creativity shifted into overdrive, so you use a range of awesome custom stickers, such as the beautiful holographic stickers, in your marketing. 

Firstly, when we talk about stickers, what do we mean?

What we mean, and the hint is in the title, is the actual pieces of paper or plastic that you can stick on almost anything. We don’t mean ‘digital stickers’ you can use on Whatsapp.

So why should you bother with stickers?

The biggest reason is that they are effective and can drive positive ROI marketing – which is what it’s all about. Here’s a quick case study to show you how effective stickers can be.

A few years ago, Coca-Cola launched its Share a Coke campaign globally, and it was a big deal. They put popular names on the sides of their cans or bottles, using die-cut stickers (for the bottles). They then ran ads to nudge us to find a Coke with our name on it.

It’s fair to say we all went crazy for it. Coke grew to sell 1.9bn servings every single day, up from 1.7bn. That’s insane growth.

So why did it work so well? Here are the key reasons stickers can work so well in your marketing too:

  1. You can customize your product. We all love customization (or personalization), as we love to feel special & unique. Personalised stickers UK with our customer’s name, or a design just for them, can be a powerful driver of demand.
  2. Stickers don’t cost much. Hearing something is low cost is music to a marketeers ears. It’s not often we find an idea that’s both effective & low cost. Low costs, of course, lower risk and make it easier to get higher ROIs.
  3. In the right circumstances, people perceive stickers as a gift. Giving a sticker to your customer will seem like a gift, and they’ll happily put it on their laptop or phone if they love your brand.

This last point is a powerful one, not to be under-estimated. Here’s why:

Gift giving is a well-used selling tactic but isn’t used as much in today’s digital world.

Giving a gift to someone works due to social psychology’s rule of reciprocity. This rule states that when we give a gift, the recipient feels compelled to return the favor.

This feeling can drive strong actions, which is why gift-giving has been a popular sales tactic for many years. Why not try giving away a few premium transparent stickers with your branding on, and see what response you get.

So to conclude, we hope you understand why stickers work for marketing your business, brand, or event. There are hundreds of ways you can incorporate stickers in your marketing, have a search on the internet, and a lot of ideas will pop up.

If you have any questions about what we’ve said, please comment below, and we’ll get back to you shortly.


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