Head Covers To Try After Hair Loss


Alopecia or hair loss is one of the most psychologically draining side-effects of chemotherapy. The treatment itself is both physically and emotionally taxing on the patients. Many choose to cover their heads during chemo appointments and otherwise for a large number of reasons.

Hats for chemo patients include soft cover-ups that protect their heads from heat, cold, etc. This type of cover-up is prevalent among men and women who prefer to lay off wigs to cover their heads.

Many patients take it as a fashion statement and look for hair different head covers to go with all their outfits!


Types of headcovers for chemo patients

There are many different ways to cover up your head during chemotherapy. It is the patient’s personal choice what they wish to go with. While comfort is the top priority, it doesn’t mean you need to compromise styles and options for it.

1.     Wigs

Wigs are a standard headcover option many chemo patients pick. These headcovers are often made out of natural human hair or even synthetic hair. People can choose different professional-grade wigs, and no one will be able to tell the difference.

Today, chemo patients have the option to pick from hyper-realistic wigs that look great on them. They can also use wigs to experiment with styles they never tried before!

2.     Hairpieces

Hairpieces are similar to wigs but come in various shapes and sizes. Men generally choose to go with toupees and other smaller hairpieces in the initial stages of their chemotherapy. You will have to shell out less money if you decide to go with synthetic wigs.

Many insurance policies also cover the cost of wigs and hairpieces if a patient decides to go with them. If they do not pay for the entire wig, they help with a part of its cost!

3.     Hats

Hats are an excellent option for chemo patients. They are low maintenance and do their job well. These hats come in various shapes and sizes and allow patients to pick their style willingly.

Additionally, hats are very affordable, so that anyone can have a large number of soft hats for headcovers. They protect you from the harsh rays of the sun and even chilly winds during the winter months.

4.     Scarves & Turbans

If you are old school and like the bohemian look, you can also use scarves and turbans as headcovers. These are versatile options and can be fashioned to look like anything you please. They also give you a traditional edge and make your outfits look even better!

5.     Freestyle

While many may suggest that wearing a hat or a wig is crucial during chemo, there is no medical study to back this up. If you are comfortable rocking the bald look, you do not need to cover it up.

It is essential to take necessary precautions like wearing a warm hat during the winter and wearing sunscreen in the sun. However, you don’t always need to cover your head up during chemo.

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Hats for chemo patients, along with other headcovers, don’t have to be boring. Trying new funky styles and designs can help boost your morale. Additionally, there are many online websites available today that offer an array of different types of headcovers. Try something new and see if you like it today!

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