Here’s A Quick Way To Solve A Problem with Phone Repair


One of the most interesting things that happens in phone repair is when we come across a problem that no one has ever seen before. The good thing about having such a diverse mass of customer is that there are multiple solutions to just about any issue, but sometimes it can take us weeks or even months to find one.

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Phone Repair Toolkit

Most issues that people have with their device can be figured out with some simple tools. Here are a few things you might find helpful:

Rubber Spudgers: These handy little devices come in different precise shapes and sizes. They help you pull off the components stuck on your phone. The best part is that they only cost a few dollars online. If you want to invest some money in the future, they even come with tweezers built right into it. Replacement Screen / LCD Screen: You will need to know how many pixels your screen has and if its just the glass or even the entire screen you need to replace. This is very important in determining if your screen replacement will be difficult or not. Charger Replacement: It’s really the most common problem that phone owners at some point in time need a new charger due to the fact that they used them for years without any issues and then one day out of nowhere, it stops working. This leads many to try replacing the charging port. This can be a tough job and requires you to remove the phone’s motherboard and replace it with something new (not soldered). If you choose this route, you’re going to need new USB cables besides charging wires so be prepared for some extra cost to repair. Flex Cable: The Flex Cable is used to connect the screen and motherboard together. The main reason why this breaks down is that overtime, it gets extensively damaged and in most cases, it will not come as an individual part. It’s usually sold as a “LCD Screen” replacement unless you know for sure what to look for. With regular use, this part of the phone starts showing wear and tear after about 4 years of usage. USB Port / Charger: Although these are very uncommon items to break, over time, the coating on the wires can start coming off with just one quick tug from something metal or even your own finger nails (we know they look clean but they’re not).

What Is Phone Repair and How Does It Work?

Phones are fragile pieces of equipment. They need to be handled with care and can break if they’re dropped or mishandled. With a little luck, only the screen will shatter, but much more often that’s not the case. Water damage can also destroy a phone’s internal components, which may make it impossible to salvage. At times like this you’re going to want something as quick, efficient and affordable as possible – but how do you go about finding something like that?

This is where phone repair comes in: there are many differences between this kind of service and your average DIY project at home (although these days broken screens can be tackled by following our guide).

Phone repair services offer a whole host of benefits, from speedy repairs and affordable prices to the fact that they’re mobile. That means you could be called out to a friend or relative’s house in no time at all. But how do they work? What’s it like being on the receiving end of their phone repair magic? And how can you figure out if it will suit you.

Use These Secret Techniques To Improve Phone Repair.

The phone repair business is no easy go. Even if you’ve got a thing for fixing and repairing old flip phones, your moves will not go unnoticed. A lot of people are starting to switch to the smart phone repair, which is where a considerable part of the profits will come from in coming years. But, you have to have the right techniques in making repairs on a phone that is not your own.

For those who are not having this skill, then their service probably will end up costing a lot more than you expected it to. But for those who know how to fix and repair old phones, it can be quite a profitable industry. The other thing is that it can also be quite challenging and frustrating as well. With this in mind, the article will explain some of the things that you can carry out when making phone repairs on an old flip phone. Using these secret techniques will put your business on the road of success .

Good Quality – Cheap Price.  Oh yea! Got it, I can handle getting a cheap price for my Android phone repair. Is that all the quality that you want? Alright, I’ll get to the point and bring back my Android phone which had dead. “”Here you go,”” said the repairman who brought out his tools and started repairing my phone. “Wow thanks,”” I said with a wide smile on my face. He did not return my compliment or have any expression on his face at all as he left me in awe while he went to fix other friends’ phones. Shortly later, I called him over to check his progress after 2 hours of repairing 2 Android phones.

The first thing that I noticed was that the voltage of the battery was still almost full. The reason it died was because he did not take precaution in putting it back to life. “You need this,”” I said pointing at the charger with a knife blade inserted on it. “Ohh man, in my eyes, you look like a handyman,”” he said with awe and shock on his face as he looked at my workmanship and lack of concern for my own safety.