How Acne Scar Removal at MedSpa Can Help You Look Better


Acne scars are a problem that many people face. They are unsightly, but they don’t have to be a burden. Using the best technology possible, there are options available today which can get rid of acne scarring. Laser surgery, dermabrasion, and ACNE SCALP REMOVAL are just some of the options.

Acne scarring occurs when there is damage to the skin’s structure caused by microorganisms or excessive growth factors like hormones. When this happens, the dermis layer of the tissue breaks down, and scar tissue forms. These scars are the result of a previous problem and often they will not go away on their own. ACNE SCALP REMOVAL is a procedure that can help to reduce the appearance of these scars on the surface of the skin. This is a non-ablative technique using a low-power laser that removes small areas of affected tissue at a time.


LASER HAIR REMOVAL is a procedure that is used to treat small superficial scars on the face, neck, and other soft tissues. This is also called filler treatment or laser skin augmentation. Using a low-intensity laser, the top layer of the affected tissue is replaced with collagen. This helps to thicken the area over time. The low-intensity lasers are able to eliminate the dark pigment, leaving the skin to be whiter and smoother. There are also some with low-confidence fillers that are used in this treatment.


ACNE SCAR REMOVAL and LASER PROLIFERATION are the two main types of treatments that can help reduce the look of unsightly scars. They are both used in combination. Other options available include skin peels, dermabrasion, and fractional laser therapy. Skin peels are used to remove scars that are loose and not deeply set. Dermabrasion and fractional laser therapy both remove superficial layers of skin using similar technologies.

These treatments are not permanent. You may want to have them done again in the future if your scarring has gotten worse or you just like the way they look. Permanent MedSpa laser procedures do not remove any acne scarring and they can last for up to three years. They are offered at various prices depending on the size of the laser used as well as the length of time it takes to complete the treatment. Many doctors offer other services such as non-invasive acne scar removal and chemical peels at an additional cost.

Intense Pulsed Light:

IPL is short for Intense Pulsed Light. This technology is sometimes known as a type of targeted acne scar treatment. An IPL treatment will usually consist of a blue light that is pulsed at a certain rate. The intense pulsed light increases the blood flow to the affected area where the scar is causing redness or swelling.

A TCA process (Trichloroacetic Acid) is another option to remove severe acne scars at MedSpa. This is not a proven treatment but it does offer a natural, faster alternative. It consists of placing a solution of tic Awal (Trichloroacetic Acid) onto the scar. This will cause it to blister and then blister some more until the skin heals. After the skin heals, the scar will gradually fade to a color that is closer to the skin tone than it was before.


Another method that is gaining popularity with Acne Scar Removal at MedSpa is the use of laser skin treatment or microneedle-radio frequency ablation. Both are considered alternative therapies, but there are some who might turn their nose upon them because of the treatment they have heard of or seen of others. Laser skin treatment and microneedle-radio frequency ablation both use a low-level laser beam to burn away acne scars. But unlike laser therapy or IPL, the laser does not try to manipulate the skin. The treatment takes its power from the skin and its own natural properties. Microneedle-radio frequency ablation uses the same skin-burning properties as the laser but is done through the use of tiny implants that are held in the skin by a special cream.