How Important is Video Content for Marketing in 2021?


The human brain is sensitive to images and videos. Such content retains in memory for a longer time. In recent years, brands have recognized this potential and have begun to leverage the power of video in their marketing efforts. Five hundred hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute the world over, and 500 million people use Instagram stories daily. With so much video content floating online, it has become most important than ever to stay on top of the techniques and video trends to ensure you are ahead of the curve. 

With the evolving technologies, almost everything has gone online. Companies have started to put their ideas into motion and promote their brands to the next level through video content marketing. The most popular video on YouTube has hit 9.2 billion views since now. Imagine if your video goes on trend, how far it will take your product? Your business will take off in just a matter of few days.

Today, a company without online marketing will cease to function in just a matter of days. Social media has changed the way of communications, which is now on the shift of transformation from interpersonal connections to connections on the internet. The most successful marketers have realized this and started to deliver content to their potential customers through multiple social media channels. To keep up with the current shifts in the market, you need to have a powerful online presence, and it is only possible if you are live on all the platforms that are beyond necessary for the growth and expansion of your business. Moreover, the most effective to way to enhance online presence is to consider hiring the best video animation services. Considering such services may seem a bit costly. However, the results are optimum and help you in the long run. 

The year 2020 faced a major blow owing to COVID 19, and in this scenario, organizations had to operate remotely. The transition to the digital world has speeded up the popularity of video content as a promotional medium. And in such a situation, the importance of video content on social media is inevitable. 

In this blog, we will try to acquaint you with the ongoing video trends in 2021, which will enable you to picture how you can leverage benefits through video marketing.

Most popular video marketing trends in 2021

If you are running an online e-shop, you might know how important it is to be in line with the current trends in video content marketing. It helps your business to gain a competitive edge in the market and sell products efficiently. In the digital era of the internet, people are watching videos more than anything else. To ensure you are reaching your targeted audience, you need to incorporate a video marketing strategy into your strategic vision.

In addition, you can also look for animated video services in order to enhance your business or brand’s online visibility. Animated videos are considered one of the most effective ways to engage and attract audiences of all kinds. 

Just a few years back, video marketing was believed to be an expensive way of advertising brands. However, in 2021, you will find almost 90 percent of marketers saying that it is the best way to increase your customer base. So the question is, what are the most important and popular video marketing tactics & trends one should know about while doing video content marketing? Here you go!

The surge in short form of video and user-generated content

Snap chat was the first to adopt a short form of videos and other platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok soon followed the trend. To remain up to the marked, marketers produce short, energetic videos to catch the attention of the audience and stay relevant.  In addition, user-generated short videos play a huge role in digital marketing. Collaborating with the influencers on the respective platforms, you can convert viewers into permanent clients. 

Videos to feature storytelling

If you watch videos of Apple and Mercedes, there is less chance of getting bored. It is because they have included the feature of storytelling in their videos. In the modern-day world, people use to watch commercials, which contain stories that they can relate to their own life experiences and aspirations. If a video is energetic and contains a compelling story, there is a chance of becoming the type to see the full video.    

Other brands like Adidas, Nike, McDonald’s, and Dove have joined the trend and started to include stories in their commercials. You can include action, humor, and emotions in such videos and explain to viewers how your brand will help them in their daily lives. However, such commercials are not used for promotion; they are targeted to create awareness.

Animated explainer videos

Animation has been a marketing tool for years; it can make anything appear easy. In addition, it can be used as the most effective tool to explain the most complex concepts simply and appealingly. You can use it in your marketing strategy in many ways, including adding your website to concise brand animation in email campaigns. Through short animations, you can tell your customers about your brand and how it will help them in multiple ways.

Vloggers have continued to dominate

With the surge in social media platforms, Vlogging is becoming popular the world over. Before, it was used to interact with people and share your expertise and experience. Now brands are coming to the fore to convey their message through vlogging. In some cases, they are collaborating with the influences to promote their products. In addition to creating their YouTube pages and sharing products, companies have started to share the daily routine of their team members to gain the divert attention of their clients.  

People like to watch great things than hearing reading about them. Vide vlogs are indispensable in this context. In modern times everyone is struggling with time management, and a video vlog is easy to consume as compared to any other material on the internet.


Video marketing is one of the best ways to promote a business. It not only attracts the customers or viewers but also engages them for a long time. Whether it’s a startup or a well-established business, video marketing services are worth considering for all types of businesses. The reason why people prefer to opt for video marketing is because of its fast results and cost-effectiveness.