How Lifestyle Has Changed In Past Two Years


How can we forget the day when things took a disastrous turn last year?

Everything was going perfect, and the economies around the world were booming. But something that no one ever wished happened, and the wheels of life stopped like they were jammed. 

It was COVID-19 in the month of February in 2020 that shook the world like someone shakes coffee in a bottle. At first, it seemed like things would get better early, but it never happened. Governments around the world keep on increasing the duration of lockdown, and the income sources of people shrink in a matter of weeks. 

Just before the end of 2020, things started getting normal, and people were happy to enjoy life like a free sparrow again. Everyone wished that 2021 would be a year to bring happiness again but who knew that it was about to get worse. 

The second wave of COVID-19 makes people wave like a thin cloth in a hurricane. Things took a turn for the worse, and the lockdown is back here again.

The world would never love to face such a phase again. 

Well, something has changed, and it is a lifestyle. Many things have changed, and all together, they brought a change in our lifestyle. 

Let us try to know how and what has changed. 

Use of the word ‘online’ – One thing that made a huge impact on our lifestyle is the internet. And that’s what inventions do. From the very first day of the internet, it is making life easier. But the real power of the internet sparked when COVID-19 was attracting all the spotlights. From education to registration for vaccination and business meetings to grocery shopping, everything is online. There is no wrong to say that the internet has somewhat saved the economies from dripping like a broken ship in the sea. Many people took their business online, personal training sessions are online, people are buying stuff online, and even gifting gestures online with flower delivery in Delhi, Hyderabad, Gurgaon, and even small cities. Even people from remote rural areas are using the word ‘online’ on a daily basis, and that’s a big lifestyle change. 

Focus towards health – A significant increase in the number of people moving towards health was noticeable even before COVID-19, but now we can see a drastic change. Health wasn’t a part of lifestyle for many people before, but it is now. An increase in the number of yoga and gym memberships has been witnessed, and it is about to boom again as per the experts. Even when the gyms and yoga clubs are shut due to lockdown, people are doing whatever they can in their homes. Prices of health-focused herbs such as ginger, basil, clove increased because their demand increased. People are using a natural way of boosting immunity. It is clearly a big lifestyle change that happened. 

Awareness For Environment – Last year, when a lockdown was imposed for around three months straight, it was witnessed that pollution levels were down, and the sky became clear. It made an impact on many people’s minds, and they have changed their lifestyle in a way that the environment shouldn’t be harmed. People residing in high-rise buildings have understood the value of fresh air and made indoor plants a part of their homes. The sales of bicycles have increased because people understand that using motor vehicles for small distances is a big mistake. And even the cleanliness is being taken care of for the sake of hygiene. 

We all pray that things get better soon and everything will be normal. But till then, stay safe and follow the guidelines. And if you haven’t included the last two changes in your lifestyle, then you should do it from now.