Tally Data Files

Tally Data Files

When Tally accounting software is used, it generates a large number of data files like front-end and back-end. Tally data files are classified into two types. .900 data files are used for back-end data storage, while the other one is .TSF data file. When Tally ERP 9 performs its task, in the background .900 files are created that are permanently stored such as Company.900, cmpsave.900, manager.900, tranmgr.900, or linkmgr.900.

On the other side, .TSF files are temporary data files with initials ranging from a value of 0 to 1 KB. These temporary data files are similar to the ones of tmessage.tsf, tstate.tsf, tupdate.tsf, texcel.tsf, or taccess.tsf, Tallycfg.tsf. Let us explore these in-depth in the following blog.

What is Tally .TSF File?

As stated earlier,  while using Tally accounting software .TSF files are stored as temporary data files.  .TSF files are saved prior to the processing of .900 files for permanent storage.

When operating on Tally ERP multi-user plans, multiple users attempting to use Tally accounts from different locations may at-times attempt to write from multiple locations the same company data. This could lead to a collision among the users. Here .TSF files come into action, as they play an important role in temporarily storing files, which is especially important when executing entries and Tally account tasks from multiple locations at the same time.

How to open these .TSF data files?

As it becomes a bit hard to locate and open these .TSF files, these are encrypted and can be found somewhere in your Tally ERP software. It is only possible to open these .TSF files in Tally ERP 9 software or previous editions of ERP 9.

What is Tally .900 file?

The Tally .900 file is utilized by the Tally ERP 9 program as an extension file to store actual company data that is permanently loaded. A .900 file will be developed for each specific task and entry recorded after it has been stored temporarily in the .TSF file, after which it will be permanently stored in the .900 file.

How to open a .900 Tally data file?

.900 Tally data files are also difficult to process with because they are encrypted. Though these .900 files can be accessed via Tally ERP 9 versions, they can also be opened with correct Tally software combinations that can perfectly match up to open a company’s .900 file.

Why hosting Tally Data on Cloud with Tally data files stored is one secured place?

With each transaction or entry data files increase made on your Tally accounting software, the unlimited amount of .900 and . TSF files developed can be effectively hosted at a single centralized location with full protection and can also be accessed from multiple locations effortlessly. Tally on Cloud also has the highest level of authenticity and protection for your tally data, as with a user id and password of Tally ERP users will be able to access the Tally data file folders.


Tally hosted on the cloud provides users with a scalable storage option where all of their .900 and .TSF data files are abundantly stored and completely secure. Hosting Tally data on the cloud helps you accomplish this goal by allowing you to store and backup all of your company’s data and other relevant data files in one location. For Free Live Demo or Tally on cloud-related services visit Tallystack.in.