How Often Do Tiles Need To Be Sealed?

tiles sealing

Whether you are installing the new floor or tiles, tile sealing is essential for the protection of grout and tiles. Moreover, it will offer an overwhelming look to the grout by offering a better protection layer.

Most of the time, people don’t focus on the needs of sealing after grouting the tiles. It’s necessary to install the coat of sealer over grout for the better protection against water and moisture. Because grout doesn’t offer resistance against water and moisture.

So, it’s important to ensure the quality as well as protection of tiles and grout. It will also help to increase the life span of the grout.

Tiles are made of porcelain and cement and it should be sealed for better coating as well as texture. No doubt, tiles have a protective layer naturally. But this layer will disappear over time and you need to install a new one to save the tiles. Otherwise, the results and damages will worse and you may need to invest more time and money for sealing tiles grout at that point.

Moreover, a better and professional coating of sealant helps to complete the regular cleaning activities quickly. So, you can remove dirt, dust, and stains easily without any trouble and extra effort.

When Should You Seal The Tiles?

You should get the tiles cleaning services Melbourne at least once per year to maintain the tiles as well as grout. However, you can also get these services twice per year or more time as per requirements. Moreover, it’s better to get the tile sealing frequently especially after installing or reinstalling the new floor.

On the other hand, you can also go for these services after doing a complete check test of tiles and floor. For this, place a few drops of water on grout or tiles. If the grout absorbs the water then there is a huge need to get the sealing services.

However, if the rate of absorption is slower than the previous sealant is already present in better condition. But if the area is exposed to high foot traffic then sealing tiles grout is a good option. Because if you are not sealing the tiles then the stains will be stuck on it permanently and hard to remove.  So, sealing is a great solution to save the tiles and floor from a lot of issues.

Furthermore, sealing requirements are different for different types of tiles and floor. So, you need to choose accordingly for better protective coating. It will soak into the tiles and grout and protect the surface simply.

Tile Sealing Melbourne Process:

Once you have decided about getting the sealing services, you need to determine the type of floor as well as the colour of grout for a better selection of sealant. Because only a suitable and matched sealer will offer the desired protective results and coating over the tiles.

You can also use a different colour of sealant than the colour of grout or tiles to get an extraordinary look. A sealant will penetrate the surface of tiles and provide a protective layer over it. While sealing tiles grout, try to start in small parts or sections for the better and professional ending. Moreover, wear a mask and gloves while sealing. You can use a brush to apply the sealant on the tiles. It will help for the better application of sealant as compared to roller or sponge. After applying the sealant, you should wait at least one hour to dry it completely.

However, the heavy foot traffic areas such as shower, kitchen, and bathroom may take more time for dryness. Therefore, it’s better to manage all the area into small sections for efficient and precise application.

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Is It Necessary To Seal The Tiles?

Yes, it’s necessary to seal the tiles and grout. Because protective layer over the tiles become dull and fade over time. Because of this, the area becomes more prone to stains and dirt and it couldn’t be easy to clean the filthy tiles.

So, you should get the tile sealing services over time for better appearance as well as protection. Moreover, you should perform the tiles sealing Melbourne activities with complete care and considerations. Otherwise, the results will be crucial to handle.

To seal the natural tiles, it’s better to seal the floor earlier before installing the natural stones and tiles. It will help to install the tiles smoothly and effortlessly. Moreover, pre-sealing is a great option for all the tiles and floors having porcelain infrastructure.

So, by maintaining the grout and sealant, you can save the tiles as well as increase their natural sparkle and shine for a long life span. On the other hand, it will minimize the cleaning time and effort and you can clean the tiles even without using any chemicals.