How to become a nutritionist in Ireland?

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Almost everyone wants to be fit and in shape. In order to be healthy and honour our body, we adopt several diet plans rather than approaching a nutritionist for healthy tips. It’s a myth that leaving your favourite food can get you in shape. Proper exercises, nutritious food, mental health, meditation and complete sleep are equally essential to be healthy. Fortunately, citizens of Ireland are becoming health-conscious since the outbreak of coronavirus. In addition to personal health requirements, Ireland hospitals face nutritionists crunch amid worsening coronavirus crisis to advise patients healthy diet plans to fight the disease.

Apart from coronavirus disease, the Republic of Ireland is the worst hit by diabetes. Hospitals require nutritionists in huge numbers to diagnose and cure nutritional problems in patients. According to the national registration board CORU, there are only 900 registered nutritionists in Ireland. The island will hire 400 nutritionists over the next five years to meet the growing demand, as per the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute. The rising demand for nutritionists in Ireland presents a golden opportunity for aspirants looking for a lucrative career. Pursuing nutrition courses in Dublin can help aspirants gain a competitive edge.

An insight into nutrition courses in Ireland

A clinical nutritionist is among the 12 designated professionals regulated by the Health and Social Care Professionals Council in the Republic of Ireland. At present in Ireland, nutritionists for sports and exercises are also in huge demand to promote a healthy lifestyle in clients by evaluating their eating habits and providing them nutritional advice based on their medical conditions. 

Sportspersons and bodybuilders are hiring nutritionists as to their health experts by paying them handsome remuneration for their work. These nutritionists guide their clients through personalized dietary plans and help them in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

How to become a nutritionist in Ireland?

After knowing the career prospects and demand for nutritionists in Ireland, you must be willing to gain a deep understanding of the field of nutrition. Thus, an online diploma in Nutrition for Sport and Exercise is the best way to land a nutritionist job in Ireland.

The best part about studying nutrition courses in Ireland that aspirants from any stream or academic qualification can pursue this programme. Moreover, ambitious professionals do not require any prior experience in sports, nutrition and exercise to obtain knowledge or make a career in this domain.

Upon completing the programme, students become eligible for CORU registration and apply for the INDI (Irish Nutritionist and Dietetic Institute) and the BDA membership in order to practice as a nutritionist in Ireland.

Students with a degree in nutrition can work as a nutritionist in a hospital or community in Ireland. However, most of the nutritionists with a diploma in Nutrition for Sport and Exercise join sports teams.

Ambitious professionals keen on embarking on a career in nutrition can enrol in the online diploma in Nutrition for Sport and Exercise in Dublin’s colleges for a cutting-edge academic curriculum and a bright career ahead.