How To Measure social Media Marketing Performance?



After starting a business, the first thing you did is that you all at once jumped over the social media platforms to establish your business’s presence. You might have started various social media marketing campaigns. You may be thinking about building awareness of a brand or a product, generating revenues, and putting up more conversions of sales. The social media campaign is still running and you are still thinking about whether things are going well or not? Once the campaign gets completed. The first thing you check is that how much that particular campaign helped you to achieve your social media marketing objectives. At this moment, you might be thinking about the ways by which you can measure your social media marketing performance. Here, we have consolidated different ways to measure social media marketing performance for both, business as well as personal brand. To know that go through this article thoroughly, and if you want to learn other marketing aspects which you can implement in your business to ensure its constant growth, check out this Digital Marketing courses In Pune Now, let’s get straight into how you can measure social media performance. 

Is it important to measure social media marketing performance? 

Yes, measuring social media marketing performance is as important as measuring the condition of a patient who is suffering from a critical disease, in either way you need to keep a check whether the inputs (medicines for the patients and marketing campaigns for the business) are satisfying its purposes or not. So, we hope you have got a better idea of the importance of measuring social media marketing performance. 

Which metrics should you need to check to get a bird’s eye view of the social media marketing performance? 

A follow-up question could be why to differentiate between metrics? The fast-paced industry has created a competitive environment around us. And there are various metrics available to analyze the performance of social media marketing campaigns. But to pick up the right ones and prioritize them to get an overview of the performance is important. Social media engagement, growth of followers, customer feedback, etc. are some of the major metrics to measure the performance of the social media marketing campaigns. These metrics will help you develop key performance indicators for your business. 

Know the exact engagement rate which is arising through the campaigns:

Social media’s very existence stands because of its engagement. These engagements can be created through likes, shares, retweets, comments, followers, you get on your social media platforms. For better understanding let’s dive into these engagement metrics individually. 

Likes: Algorithmic speaking, likes, on the posts, show that how attentively the audience is taking interest in the content you are putting on the platforms. 

Comments: Comments play an important role in the overall engagement on your social media platforms. This particular section on your posts helps you and your audience to interact with each other. It also helps potential customers to know more about the brand. 

Shares: This is the best way to enhance the reach of your content and brand. It works as a back-link for your website. Whenever someone shares your posts, this act shows that the person is quite engaged and found your content worthy enough to be shared. 

Follower growth shows the impact and fan base of the business amongst the audience

It doesn’t matter if you have a huge number of followers on your social media platforms but only a small part of them holds your potential customer base. It’s important to grow the potential customer fan base. And to do so, you need to make sure that your content should reach to your potential customers. How to track follower growth? If you see a sudden growth in your followers, find which type of content is being liked by them. If you see a decrease in the followers, find which type of content your followers are not liking?  Do the analysis, ask questions, see what works and what not? If you are collaborating with other business houses then see how many followers have come from that particular engagement. Various analytics tools are available online, you can find one easily for your business. You can also check out Digital Marketing Training in Pune to get an overview of other marketing aspects. 

Feedback from customers tells you a lot

Although it’s hard to measure satisfaction still there are certain actions that show whether the customers are satisfied with your brand or not. If you are taking good care of the wants of your customers, the satisfaction rate will grow automatically. Though there are certain aspects which can help you increase the satisfaction level amongst your customers;

  • Make sure you take proper action to resolve the queries of your customers. That means you should be aware of the voices raised by your customers. 
  • Respond as fast as you possibly can. This shows that you value the comments or feedbacks of your customers. 
  • Increasing new followers is as important as retaining the old ones. 

Give a check on the click-through rate

Click-through rates are very important as they show the conversions from direct clicks. They also reflect that the marketing campaign is on point. A higher CTR shows the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Click-through rates are considered as one of the key performance indicators. And they are generally used in the pay-per-click ad and other links placed on the landing page. CTR also tells the engagement that happened through various other campaigns. Overall, this particular metric can help you realize the movement and accumulation of traffic.  

To sum up the things: These metrics play an important role in measuring the social media marketing performance;

  • Engagement: Is there proper engagement occurring between you and your followers? 
  • Followers: How many followers have you gained with a stipulated period.
  • Reach: How many people found you through back-link and other ad campaigns? 
  • Conversion rate: Is the rate of conversion increasing? 
  • Leads: How many leads you have made through your social media platforms? 
  • Fulfilment of objective: See if your business objectives are fulfilling or not? 

Note: You can easily access the performance of your social media marketing campaigns by going through the “analytics” and “insights” sections on your social media platforms. 


We hope you have come to know that how easy it is to measure social media marketing performance. This article covers the important metrics to be measured to get an idea about how effective the running marketing campaigns are?  We have also come to know that why measuring the marketing performance is important? What is its significance? You might have got to know the importance of customer satisfaction and how it can help the business grow. The potential customers are more important than having a huge number of followers with lesser conversions. As you saw that for every newbie business house, social media marketing can be a great aid to reach a huge majority of potential customers. We have talked about likes, comments, shares, and follows their significance and importance. We are pretty much sure that you found this article fruitful and have got some value out of it. For learning more things about digital marketing, you can sure see Digital Marketing Classes in Pune. Have Peace and Growth!