How To Draw A Bear, For Example

How To Draw A Bear
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How To Draw A Bear, For Example

The elementary and fast image bears with hearts and all your favorite teddy bears: Let’s consider the most common variants of cartoon how to draw a bear.

To draw almost all the animals used in the same order: first, apply to our heads, then the body, arms, legs, and thus on, constantly stimulating to finer detail. Contemplate how to draw a bear in different embodiments.


First of all, we must find something on which we will draw our bear – take a clean piece of paper or choose any drawing ideas surface. We then define the tools that are applying to the image on the sheet. In principle, it is possible to make anything, but we will choose a simple pencil any thumbnails to use with this tool.


How To Draw A Bear
  1. First, draw a circle, which later became the leader of our being. Add the central two ovals – this will be his ears.
  2. Attach to the head of the body, shows the future of the bear peck two ovals, later them the more accurate picture.
  3. Our teddy bear sits his image on the lower human body in two circles – animal legs.
  4. Now, we give shape to the leg and erase all auxiliary lines. We had a silhouette of a bear.
  5. Today, we begin to transform our heroes – make molds for the eyes, nose, shut the mouth, and ears.
  6. On bears, legs are small oval parts (palms and soles).
  7. Coloring character brown, leaving eyes intact, close the mouth and circles on one foot. We will create a small lighter.
  8. Head ready! To make it more expressive, slightly shaded in all colors.

We had a simple cartoon bear. Upon request, it is possible to add the scalp or finish some items (clothes and other accessories). Now we understand how to draw a bear with a pencil on the stage. And such an uncomplicated way, it is possible to achieve the minimum time – 30-40 seconds for this is enough.


This hero will not leave indifferent not a single heart, especially if it is present as lovers’ holiday gift. How to draw a teddy bear, including a seat in his hands, look now.

The sequence is the same as in the previous example. First, we put circles for the human face and body, line drawing the eyes, nose, and mouth bear Hands posture in a process, where he continues to keep hearts. Ovals define feet, and we remove them.

How To Draw A Bear

We had a similar to the first bear example. Remove all unnecessary lines gets fine details on request. Hooray, eight steps we drew “Gift” animals!


With the massive popularity of “cartoon” characters, many people collect their images or soft toys. In addition, Teddy is considered an excellent gift for both children and adults – everyone understands this character!

How to draw Teddy? Very simple! The sequence remains the same, but in this case, I must bear more naturally and similar to the present teddy one.

How To Draw A Bear

We auxiliary a circle for the head and body, arms and legs outstretched draw more cool drawings. Soften all the lines, smooth movements, ears, and we sketch a more natural form. Eyes define small ovals at the tip of the gun. This, in turn, clumsy nose. We show where the hero’s feet are, put one hand on his stomach, and the other will hide behind.

It remains the most interesting little draw around the contour of the bear fur, and do not forget to put in some places the seams, although he recently sewed. Small patches will look true also in some areas, Teddy. Coloring is his request.

Also, you can little bear bouquets, balloons, and other “pity.” Learn more about Why is VSI International the Best School in Jaipur?


Role cubs can not just be sitting with their hands down! Slightly changing the legs’ outline and bowing his head in different directions, adding some items and clothes, you can make your character stand, walk, dance, give flowers, and more pa. Would you please try to pencil bear in deleting the individual photo elements of failure and making the next attempt? You will achieve the desired result in just a few hours because the bear with a pencil to draw is very simple, fast, and fun!

Once the workpiece is sketching, we can release all our imagination and paint a picture with any flower!

And remember, made with his own hands, a lovely and cute little teddy bear will always be an unexpected and welcome surprise!

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