Easy butterflies craft ideas for children

butterflies craft ideas

Easy butterflies craft ideas for children. Children love butterflies: it is well known. Butterflies are also ideal for crafts because they are so happy and pretty in color and enable you to teach your kid some balance and various aspects. If you want to find great butterfly crafts for kids, we have many!

Egg box butterflies

Egg cartons are great to make because most people keep them in their trash cans, and they’re completely free! You can create an adorable butterfly from an egg box, and you don’t even need to do it yourself. It is a great craft that requires no user intervention. It’s also a good chore for cool drawing ideas, though you can replace the paints with colored markers or crayons to minimize clutter or accidental consumption.


To make a butterfly out of an egg carton, you will need:

  • Egg box
  • Paints in different colors
  • A bright and beautiful pipe cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Brush
  • Clean line

Step 1. Cut the egg carton to the correct size

Your baby’s butterfly needs four sections of wings, so cut the egg carton down to four cups. Peel off the top of the box and trim the edges to keep them smooth and tidy. It is not required to use a lot of experience on this.

Step 2: Let your child paint.

Fill the trays with cups of different colors and let your baby have as much fun as he wants. They can paint the wings a single color and then add layers on top, or blend, push and blend. Make sure they are using old costumes and have a newspaper to protect the surface of the design. If your child is old enough, encourage him to paint symmetrically or try to help him create distinctive shapes, but if he likes to draw his butterfly at random, let him go crazy!

Step 3: Screw on the pipe cleaner

Add the pipe cleaner when the butterfly from the egg carton is ready, and the paint is completely dry. Glue one end to the cardboard box like the first tendrils, then place the pipe cleaner in the center so that it becomes the butterfly’s body. Wrap it around the egg carton and on the other side and twist it to hold the cleaning tube in place. The other end forms a second antenna. You may need two pipe cleaners if they are pretty short, but it doesn’t matter, even if you have to use two different colors – the butterfly will still look magical. Several dots of glue will help keep the pipe cleaners in place if they move.

Step 4. Hang up

If your child wants his butterfly to fly, make a small hole in the top and thread it so he can hang the butterfly on the window. Then he can turn around and show his beautiful wings, making your baby’s bedroom attractive.

Pasta style butterfly

butterflies craft ideas

If you have some of this butterfly paste, you can quickly and easily turn it into a beautiful farfalle. Based on them, your child can create a stunning postcard intended for someone special or that coveted place on the refrigerator. It can look imposing.


To make farfalle from farfalle pasta, you need to find:

  • A handful of pasta with bow tie
  • Chalk markers or bright paint
  • black marker
  • White paper
  • Glue

Step 1: Ask your child to color the butterflies

If you have chalk markers, it shouldn’t be too messy. If you don’t, you should prepare yourself for painted toes and painted clothes, but it’s still a great craft. Ask your kid to color the farfalle pasta in many bright shades, then set the newly created farfalle aside to dry (if necessary).

Step 2: Fold the paper

Fold the blank paper in half to make an opening card, then sit back and discuss what kind of scene your child wants to draw. Want to color the grass at the bottom of the paper? Maybe add flowers or a bright sun? Ask them to create the card with cute pens or markers. Then it’s time to add the butterflies.

Step 3: glue the butterflies

It might be faster with a glue gun, but you can also do it with white glue. Arrange the brightly colored butterflies on the paper to have different angles and appear to be flying. Once they are locked in place, they need tendrils. If your child is old enough, let him draw them or give him a hand using a black pen, adding only small black lines on the paper over the butterflies’ bodies. You can also add suggestions to their flight routes or leave them as they are. You now have a beautiful and colorful butterfly card!

Leaf butterflies

It’s a great way to incorporate a small garden into your kid’s crafts, and they look great.


To make a butterfly from leaves, you will need:

  • Four sheets of the same shape, two large and two small, large enough to draw
  • Chalk pens or acrylic color in various shades
  • Brush
  • Large sheet of paper
  • A pair of thin straight sticks
  • Glue gun
  • black pen

Step 1: Collect the leaves

Two leaves from the upper wings of the butterfly and two the lower ones. You may want to help your kid find proper needles. They don’t have to be accurate but leaves with large holes or missing ends won’t look good on a finished butterfly.

Step 2: chalk the leaves

Use chalk markers of complementary colors. Blue or yellow shades often work well on leaves, but greens aren’t good. Hot pinks and purples can also look very impressive. Ask your kid to color the leaves as they will decorate the wings of a butterfly. If you don’t have chalk markers and want to use paint instead, make sure the paint isn’t too wet, or it will simply drip off the leaves.

Step 3: Add the sticks

Glue the two sticks together to create a V for the butterfly’s antennae, and if your kid wants to color them, let him add more chalk or paint to make the butterfly’s body beautiful. Then, he glues the parts to the rule. You can also use a black pen to create the wires and build realistic if your child wishes.

Step 4: Adhesive the butterfly to the writing

Gently glue the butterfly onto a piece of paper or leave it as a standalone work of art. You can even hang it on a colorful string to spin and dance in the breeze or add some glitter glue to make the butterfly’s wings sparkle.

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