How to Get Your Pet Ready for Boarding


Beach getaways and family holidays are popular during the summer. However, a lot of times these enjoyable excursions require leaving your pet at home. It might be difficult to find a reputable location to board your dog or cat while you’re on vacation, but you’ve done your homework and believe you’ve located the ideal facility.

Even while you’re gone, at pet boarding high point nc think your dogs should receive the best care available. Even the most laid-back, easygoing pets might become anxious before they board, so you should take some precautions to ensure your pet is prepared for the adjustment. Here are few methods to get your cat or dog ready for boarding:

Think About a Test Run

Set up a trial run a few weeks before you want to go if your pet has never been boarded before or if you intend to board them at a different facility.

To assist your pet adjust to their new environment and routines, schedule an overnight boarding appointment and allow them to stay for at least 24 hours. Additionally, by allowing the boarding staff to get to know your pet before you go, they will be better equipped to handle any eccentricities that may arise from your pet.

Modify Your Sleeping Patterns

When you take your dog or cat for boarding, they might need some time to get used to not lying on your bed at night. To assist your pet get acclimated to sleeping in a kennel or alone, try shutting your bedroom door or, if needed, placing your pet in a crate at night. Don’t allow your pet to sleep on your bed; instead, move the cage into your bedroom if your pet is too noisy or screams too much for you to sleep.

Sustain Comfort

Even while a lot of pet boarding facilities offer creature comforts, nothing compares to the comforting scents and textures of familiar objects from home. Most boarding facilities accept tiny, comfort-enhancing things from home, such as a soft toy or blanket, to help keep your pet more comfortable. These things will improve your pet’s boarding experience by making them feel more comfortable and safe in their new surroundings.

Drop-off In The Morning

Plan to drop off your pet at the boarding facility early in the morning, if your schedule permits it. This allows children to acclimate to their new surroundings throughout the day, and with more people nearby to offer support if needed, before it becomes too late to go to bed. You may also contact and check on your pet that first day with the additional time, which can help you feel a little more at ease during the night.

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Bottom Line 

For pet owners who must leave their animals for whatever reason pet boarding offers a dependable and easy alternative for keeping your pets safe. They  provide you the comfort of knowing that your pet is in good hands while you’re gone.