How To Learn Inuktitut, Burmese, And Lao Language


In this article, we will discuss how one can learn Inuktitut, Burmese and Lao languages. And how professional translation services can help people achieve their goals. So without any further ado, let’s start!

How Learn Inuktitut

Inuktitut is the native language of the Inuit. It is among the official languages of Nunavut which is a part of Quebec as well as in those in the Northwest Territories.

If you’re curious, you can try these free applications (available on iPhones and Ipads through iTunes) and begin to learn in learning as well as speaking Inuktitut:

  • AiPai Chart can help you understand how to pronounce the Inuktitut alphabet. The interactive chart lets you press the syllabic and then listen to the sound. On the other hand, for businesses that want to offer products or services in the market, then Inuktitut translation services can also help you to identify your mistakes in the content.
  • Singuistics is a fantastic application for people who wish to understand some traditional songs from the Inuktitut language. By singing the songs that you’ve chosen, it will assist you in improving your understanding of Inuktitut words and phrases. When you’re done make your acquaintances with the app used for recording your performances and then share the performance with them.
  • Makittagait can be described as a fun game designed to assist you in learning and reading Inuktitut. It was developed in collaboration with the Kativik School Board. Kativik school board games are targeted at young people, however, it’s light and enjoyable. The app allows students to build their skills in the language field by moving from simple to more difficult levels.

Moreover, if you are planning to penetrate the Inuktitutian market, then taking assistance from professional Inuktitut translation services would be the best option. 

How to learn Burmese

Lesson 1. Burmese words are composed of a variety of short words. It is important to figure out how you imagine words sound, and then how you’d like to write the words down.

Lesson 2. Asking – and being able to recognize questions is an important technique. It is not necessary to be able to ask all the who, what, where, how is, who, where as well as when and which questions at the start which can be added later. However, you cannot be successful without asking these questions.

Lesson 3. Burmese is very specific. As long as we understand what we’re talking about often, we don’t have to be concerned about the use of the word. Sometimes, using another tense can be effortless. Particularly when we are discussing something that we’re about to perform. When they are used, tenses can be added after the verb.

Lesson 4. There are other sounds in Burmese that aren’t found in European languages. The sound that occurs between p and b. A sound that is between d and t. There is also a sound between the two. This is a part of the above examples.

Unfortunately, as with English some sounds and letters are vocalized, changing, depending on the letters they’re next to, and the words they are associated with. It’s not your job to learn about the language. Take a stab at your current skills and then listen to see where your voice might not be exactly right.

So this was just to give you an idea of what to expect if one is starting to learn Burmese. Nonetheless, taking help from Burmese translation services is also a viable option. 

How to learn the Lao language

Lao or Laotian is a part of the Tai-Kadai language family. Lao is spoken by three million people living in Laos and also in the northeastern region of Thailand. The Lao-speaking population in the world is estimated to be 3.2 million. Hence, we have seen that professional Lao translation services have become more apparent as well. 

The roots of the Tai-speaking population are traceable back 2500 years in the past to southern China and areas bordering northern Vietnam. There is a belief that the people from these areas migrated to the center of Mekong valley sometime in the 12th century AD.

How difficult is it for Lao to master?

The biggest areas of the challenge will be the tonal character of the language as well as the complex writing system.

  • Vocabulary – Laos is home to a variety of loanwords borrowed from Pali along with Sanskrit. There are also many exchanges of language between Lao, Thai, and Khmer. The colonial period was a time when Lao was a French colony. France continued to exert a significant influence on Lao. In more recent times, English has taken root due to the effects of globalization.
  • Listening/Speaking The language has many vowel sounds that are spoken in Lao which can be difficult to pronounce and discern when speaking with other languages. In addition, Lao is a tonal dialect. There are six tones in Lao. Vientiane dialect. Tone can be a challenge However, the tones of Lao are more consistent and simple to recognize.

However, if you wish to do some research on your own, Lao translation services can help you provide a platform where you can contact professional Lao translators. This step can help you increase your competence in learning the language. 


In this article, we discussed the important things that one needs to know before learning the languages mentioned. 

Moreover, the use of language applications and professional translation services can make the language learning process easier. 

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