How to Move a Safe?

How to Move a Safe?

Unusual items are part of every household move. A safe is an unusual item that is not only bulky, but it is also very costly. Though most people rely on moving companies’ services, it is not very easy to move safes, and mishandling them can result in significant losses. We will discuss a couple of things to help you move a safe safely. Pun intended. Let’s begin.

Strength in numbers:

The Golden State Warriors of 2016 have been one of the most dominant teams in the history of the NBA, and they are known for having the most stacked team the league has ever seen. The Warriors franchise’s slogan, i.e., “Strength in Numbers,” has implications beyond basketball, as apes are stronger together objectively. Therefore, even if you’re sure that you can lift the safe all by yourself, it is better to ask the movers for help during this heavy lifting so that you don’t break the safe, nor something with it. Doubt how much you can lift before you break one bone or the other during your move.

Planning is key:

If you’re planning to move, be it yourself or with a service provider’s help, it is crucial to be prepared to handle all different kinds of your belongings. If you’re not living on the ground floor, you will need equipment to bring your stuff to the ground. Measure all doors and passages to ensure that any heavy equipment does not have to be de-assembled for the move. If you’re moving a safe, it is vital to empty it to decrease the risk of damaging the safe’s belongings and decrease the weight.

Furthermore, you should wear gloves while carrying the safe to avoid slipping and breaking the floor or the safe. Furthermore, it would help if you strapped the safe to the side of the moving van or truck so that there is less chance of damage. 

Clever Moving Techniques:

There are some smart tactics to move a safe, like pushing a safe upon a bed of golf balls. The technique is impressive, and it is fun to watch unless it is actually happening and your money is rolling across the floor at the mercy of thin, hollow, lightweight shells designed to be hit with a stick. 

Some people on YouTube have tried to use the PVC pipes for moving a safe. Though it feels counterintuitive to put the weight of the safe on stretchy pipes, they are longer than golf balls; therefore, it makes to use them. That said, it is best to use specialized equipment to handle your safe cautiously. Trolleys for carrying the safe, belts to tie the safe to the side of your van, and professional to load and unload it are all an essential part of the safe’s journey from one location to another.

Contacting a Moving Company:

It is better to leave the work to the professional. It would be best if you considered using an affordable moving service for moving your safe. To get a good quote, we encourage you to contact at least three companies. Most companies provide a free quote, and those are the ones you should be looking for. If you’re thinking of moving your safe from or to Las Vegas, We recommend Move4less – Las Vegas Nevada, as it is the only moving company in the state with more than a thousand reviews with a rating of 4.4 out of 5. That said, we want you to conduct your own research, contact more companies and get quotes so that you can find the most credible moving company for your needs. Happy Moving!