Product Merchandising: What Is It And Importance In Retail Business?


Product merchandising is a term that is used in the retail industry to describe the process of displaying and promoting products in stores with an aim to increase sales. If you have been involved in marketing or retailing from time to time, chances are that you have heard of this term.

What is Product Merchandising?

Product merchandising is the promotion of products in retail and online. It includes ecommerce product promotion on regular web pages of popular search engines, comparison shopping sites, and social network pages. Product merchandising also includes websites, apps stores and other digital properties to promote the product online. This article focuses on how to carry out product merchandising effectively so that businesses can gain profits from promoting their products online and offline at several stages. It’s important to have a good understanding of the different characteristics of product merchandising. Online and offline is an umbrella term that describes the many forms product merchandising can take. This article will go into great detail on product placement, packaging and also discuss proper shelving techniques.

Offline Product Merchandising

Offline merchandising is the activity which takes place at the point-of-sale and in store displays are used to attract shoppers’ attention, encourage purchase and create an overall shopping environment. The aim of offline product merchandising is to grab shopper’s attention as they walk by and to lure them into interacting with a brand rather than just a product.

  • Retail Merchandising
  • Visual Merchandising

Retail Merchandising

Retail merchandising creates impulse buys and drives sales in physical retail stores. What better way to generate interest and encourage people to buy than with attractive displays that create an appealing presentation of the products? Retail merchandising is also done by businesses to resell their products via outlets in malls or online. Appealing to shoppers is not an easy feat, which is why retail merchandising was created. Retail merchandising involves the use of different techniques and strategies through visual merchandising by trained professionals, in order for brands and businesses to get their products noticed by shoppers. Creative display of items in store are essential elements of retail merchandising, as it can influence a consumer into purchasing. Read More: Onionplay

Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising aims to make products more attractive by displaying them in an eye-appealing way. It encompasses a large number of extra functions in addition to product display and shelving functionalities that are common to retail merchandising. Retail Store Visual Merchandising aims at optimising the visual appearance and presentation of a product so that it looks appealing to an on-looker.

Visual merchandising is a combination of a store’s visual presentation, product display and signage. It is a strategy used by retailers to maximize their sales and profits by inducing customers to select specific products in-store. Visual merchandising is alive and well in the retail industry, as it presents the best opportunity for retailers to differentiate their offering from competitors.

Online Product Merchandising

Retail merchandising refers to product merchandising that happens on digital properties such as websites, mobile phone applications, social media, etc. Digital Merchandising is a type of online product merchandising. Here we will discuss a definition, types and essential processes of Digital Merchandising.

Digital Merchandising

In our increasingly digitised world with the growing digitisation of retail business and soaring online transactions that has followed, digitising merchandising has become an inevitable need. As a result, digital merchandising which combines the conventional principles of merchandising with state-of-the-art technology has emerged as an alternate merchandising option for retail brands hoping to monetise their products.

The retail merchandiser will handle various aspects like promotion of products through social media platforms, websites and email.

If there is one thing that digital merchandising is all about, then it is definitely brand awareness. Quite simply, it ensures that the company’s product is noticed above all others and in a way that will appeal to consumers. You may opt for in-store merchandising with the aim of getting your message across on an even larger scale. Note that this kind of advertising would only work if you harness social media effectively.