How to Recover Deleted files Using Recuva Software?


Recuva Software Introduction

Have you deleted an essential file, by mistake? Or have you lost your files, post a computer crash?

If yes, don’t worry!

Recuva will bring your lost files back – whether from your Windows system, Digital Camera Card, recycle bin, or for that matter, MP3 player!

It’s no secret that all kinds of files, statistics, and software applications make way to your computer. Over a period of time, you store them only to later delete gigantic amounts of data from your hard drive.

However, while the procedure of removing files isn’t perfectly okay, especially if you require freeing-up some space, you can’t say the same about those extraordinary circumstances when you discover – much to your horror – that you have deleted an essential file.

Or, when someone uses your computer and then deletes some of your essential files, perhaps, again by mistake.

The good news: now you can bring such files back, in case you are armed with the right software for the purpose.

Recuva Software

It’s an effective software application from Windows. It helps you restore your lost files.

It’s basically a Windows compatible program and will help you in numerous ways.

Recuva will recover files for you, removed from internal and external hard disk drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, portable media players, or every kind of random-access storage medium with a supported file system.

Using Recuva Software, you can regain even the files that have been removed from the recycle bin. You can recover even those files that have been deleted, courtesy of bugs or viruses.

Yes, in case you have shifted an important file to the Recycle Bin, and then later deleted it accidentally from there, you will be able to recover it!

Recuva reverses the process and un-deletes the files labelled as deleted. Your computer may have labelled the specific regions of the disk in which they were stored earlier as free space.

As mentioned earlier, when you lose your data, due to any kind of virus, computer bug, or software crash, in such a case, using Recuva, you will help you recover those files.

Get Recuva: Some Significant Reasons

  1. It performs a deep scan for the buried files: Recuva has advanced features that help you find even the hard-to-find files. The program’s advanced deep scan approach helps you comb your drives to locate any trace of files you may have deleted by mistake. The software carries-out deep scan, using a name/type filter, for the files which may have been corrupted, with a view to bringing them back.
  2. Better file recovery: Recuva is equipped to recover your pictures, music, documents, videos, e-mails or any other file type you may have lost. It will recover from any media you have that’s rewriteable–whether it is a memory card, or an external hard drive, or for that matter, a USB stick.
  3. Recovery from spoiled disks: As against majority of the file recovery tools that you will find today, Recuva is equipped to recover files from even completely spoiled or newly formatted drives. Since the software gives you higher flexibility, you have a higher possibility of recovery.
  4. Delete files securely: At certain times, due to one or the other reason, you may want a file to be destroyed completely. Here also Recuva will help. Using its secure overwrite feature and industry- and military-standard deletion methods, it will remove all traces of your files from your system or storage device.
  5. Recuva is free and is dependable and safe to use: The software is entirely free and 100% safe to use.
  6. The program is inflexible about its privacy policy, so you don’t have to lose your sleep over your priceless information getting leaked and misused.
  7. The software is easy to use, incredibly helpful to recover all kinds of files that have either been deleted or removed, by chance, courtesy of a virus.
  8. The software has a straightforward, intuitive interface. It enables trouble-free navigation and usage.
  9. The program is 100% dependable even as it has a robust privacy policy that protects your priceless data.

In general, Recuva is a wonderful software you must have to battle emergencies if you lose or delete an important file. It’s great for file recovery operations, even as it’s equipped with a user-friendly interface and handy menu. The icing on the cake: it’s 100% free.

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How to Recover Deleted files using Recuva Software?

This takes us to the most important part of the discussion!

Follow the process shared hereunder for the object!

  1. Launch the program. After the Wizard window pops-up, you will be prompted to pick-up the file type to restore.
  2. Choose “All files” and afterwards click “Next.”
  3. Specify the particular disk where you had stored the folder earlier.
  4. Next. Start.
  5. Cool your heels for the analysis to get completed successfully.
  6. Post the analysis process gets over, Recuva will throw up each and every file that it finds. While the ones with green colour will be the files you can bring back, those with yellow or red colour will be the files which may or may not have been located and so can’t be brought back.
  7. Scrutinize the required files before you click Recover.
  8. Now state the folder where you wish to save your recovered files.
  9. Then click Ok.
  10. Post the program has saved the recovered files to the folder, as indicated by you; a message will appear before you showing the assignment has been completed. In case the software finds several files, you have the option of locating the ones you need. You will be able to locate it only if you know the names of the files you require. Visit advanced mode.

Follow the process shared above! Recover your essential deleted files using Recuva Software.