How to remove my old car in Sydney?

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You know and we know sometimes in our lives just one decision, just one click can turn our lives at 180 angles. Imagine, when just one click can have such an impact then what cannot possible. A single match of a matchbox can burn the whole forest same as if you have an old car or used car which is known not in the useful condition. Now, is the time to think and decide and you are one step far from old into a new one. Here is why?

We are Top Cash for Cars Sydney?

We Top Cash for Cars Brisbane is the Australian a decade old company, and from the name itself is obvious, that we pick up unwanted and remove car/vehicle from you. We remove all kinds of cars and vehicles regardless of make, model, brand, year, and in any condition. We pay you for cars $150 to $6,999, trucks $250 to $15,000, and SUVs $250 to $9,999. And we pay you cash hand in hand on the spot.

Draining and Dismantling is the next step?

When we agreed upon on quote then the next step is draining and dismantling. Firstly, we drained off all kinds of liquids because they can hose down and join waterways and rivers, which could be a danger for our environment. Secondly, we took the vehicle into different pieces so auto wreckers can easily identify what parts can be useful and what not. And we can sell those useful parts second-hand

Why choose Top Cash for Cars Sydney?

  • We do all kinds of paperwork; you don’t need to worry.
  • No such brand or make that we don’t buy, we buy all.
  • We are fully certified, insured, and licensed.
  • We pay on the spot.
  • We have an expert team of professionals.
  • We are environmentally friendly to recycle because we believe the earth is Our Home.

Earth is Our Home!

Earth is our Home. Yes, we believe all but a few of us take care of it. Top Cash for Cars Brisbane sincerely takes this initiative of removal of an unwanted automobile from you people so that we can keep our earth clean and green. When we disposed of any automobile, then give special care to recycling toxic substances and fluids that can be harmful to our environment. What we do today will have an impact on our future generation. We should make it our responsibility so that future generation has live in a friendly environment. And if we save our earth, we live today and our tomorrow.

Documents you must have?

  1. Photo ID (either passport or driver’s license).
  2. Location of the vehicle, i.e., the address where the automobile is parked at.
  3. Evidence of ownership.
  4. Make sure all personal effects are removed from the vehicle.

Note: Top Cash for Cars Brisbane services are not just limited to Queensland, our services are available to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sandgate, Pinkenba, Taigum, Stafford Heights, Virginia, Wavell Heights, Wilston, Kedron, Windsor, Wooloowin, Zillmere, and Toowoomba as well.

How to Quote us?

To save our environment and remove your automobile with a handsome amount of money you have to contact us. For this, call us on 0426 000 722 or 0420 966 444. And for further queries, you can quote Free Car Valuation Online form free.