Surprising Features of a Volvo Semi Truck

Volvo Semi Truck

There are various semi truck brands in the trucking industry today. While some have been around for a relatively long time, others are just new and making a name in the industry. Volvo belongs to the former but they keep on innovating their big rigs to cater to the ever-changing demands of the trucking industry. Thanks to the advancements in modern technology, the company is able to keep up, offering amazing new features in each of the truck series they offer. Below are some of the surprising features that you will likely enjoy with a Volvo semi truck.


One of the primary features that you will find most surprising in a Volvo semi truck is that it is geared towards driver productivity. For instance, in the new VNL lineup recently released by Volvo, you will be able to find a redesigned working and living space that paves the way for ultimate drive comfort even if they have to be on the road for several days at a time. Rest assured that for sure you will be able to find a heavy-duty Volvo semi for sale at a very reasonable price that provides this feature, regardless of whether you are looking for a used one or a brand new big rig. Because the driver is comfortable behind the wheel or in the lounge of the sleeper, they get to be more productive and this will translate to significant cost-savings eventually.


Another feature of Volvo semi trucks that prove to be amazing is the one geared towards safety. For instance, in each of Volvo’s trucks, you are most likely to find an enhanced stability technology or VEST that can automatically minimize engine torque. In this case, the driver will find it easier to keep the truck on course. Most of their trucks also feature an I-shift transmission, which reduces the effort it needs to change a truck’s gears. In this manner, the driver can be more focused on the traffic conditions that he is driving in rather than having to change gears.


Finally, you will also be able to find that Volvo trucks are designed for efficiency, particularly when it comes to fuel usage. For instance, the engine noise of the big rigs from Volvo is reduced through the clean installation brought about by finer controls when it comes to fuel injection. This can be attributed to the fact that the common-rail fuel system of the big rig is uniquely designed. Because of the amazing fuel-efficiency features of a Volvo, you can expect optimized power as well as enhanced aerodynamics, which makes driving your big rig more cost-effective.

The Bottomline

The new and innovative features of Volvo semi trucks are concentrated on ensuring driver productivity, safety, and efficiency. Thanks to modern technology, these features are now made possible. The next time you are interested in getting a new semi truck to add to your fleet, consider going for Volvo. For sure, you will never be disappointed with its amazing features that will be worth every penny that you spend for the big rig.