How to Take a Data/SMS Loan From Airtel?

DataSMS Loan
DataSMS Loan

One of India’s most well-known telecom network companies, Airtel offers two types of emergency credit loan services. If a customer doesn’t have enough Talk time balance for a call, they can apply for a loan and avoid a low balance.

Customers can call the Airtel Talk time loan number or use a USSD-based service to avail

the loan. In addition to Talk time loans, Airtel also offers 3G/4G Internet data loans. For Rs 27, Airtel will provide 80 MB of data, valid for two days.

What is an Airtel Data/SMS loan, and how can it help you?

Airtel’s customers can queue up several plans in advance, but not all recharge plans are available. Only unlimited combo plans provide such benefits. Fortunately, Airtel has developed a new service to help its customers in an emergency. Now, if your Talk time or data balance runs out and you’re unable to recharge, you can take out a loan from Airtel.

Terms and Conditions for Availing Airtel’s Advance Credit Loan

The customer has to be a prepaid Airtel customer and shouldn’t have any earlier loan due from Airtel before applying for another credit. The customer must be using an active Airtel SIM connection for at least 90 days or more, and their main balance must be less than Rs.5.

It is crucial to note that 90-day activation is compulsory, or the loan process will be incomplete.

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Methods to take Airtel Talk time Loan

Airtel’s Credit Balance Service is easy to use and can be a life-saver if you’re running low on balance. You can access the service using any of the three methods mentioned below:

Airtel data loan using MyAirtel or Thanks App

You can download the MyAirtel app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and log in with your Airtel number. Next, head over to the Advance Talk time tab and search “Loan.” Lastly, enter the desired loan amount you want to avail to complete the process and receive the credit balance.

Airtel data loan using Airtel credit USSD code

Airtel has two USSD codes for loan availing, and you can dial either *141*10 or *141#. The loan amount you can avail of also differs for 2G and 3G users. Once you connect, the screen will display instructions that you can follow to complete the loan process and receive credit balance to your number.

The service is only for prepaid Airtel customers and not for postpaid numbers. You can avail of a loan from USSD only when you have data of less than 10 MB or no active data pack.

2G and 3G loan

The USSD code for 2G and 3G connections is *141*567#, and the total charges for availing this loan are Rs. 17, including Rs.15 data charge and Rs.2 service charge. The maximum data loan you can get for 2G is 65 MB.

Similarly, you can get an Airtel data loan of up to 80 MB for a 3G connection, with two days validity. The charge for 3G loans is Rs.27, including Rs.2 service fee.

Airtel data loan using Airtel credit number

Airtel’s credit number is 52141, which connects you with an automated voice when you call. After completing the process by following the steps from recorded voice, you will receive the credit to your phone number.

Airtel also charges its customers for using their loan service, which it automatically deducts from your Airtel number at the time of your next recharge. For example, for a credit of Rs. 10, the service charges are Rs.2, so Rs. 12 will be deducted when you recharge next time.

SMS loan from Airtel

Once you connect with Airtel by dialing *141*10# USSD code, the mobile screen will display three options for availing of Talk time loans. According to your needs, you can select your desired loan amount option from Rs. 10, Rs.30, or Rs.50.

Once you select your preferred loan amount option, you must confirm your loan request by entering the numerical digit 1.

Available bundles for Airtel data loan

You can borrow a data pack from the following available bundles when you are out of data. Airtel data credit loan services provide the perfect solution for refreshing your Internet data when an emergency hits, with a 15% service charge applicable.

Here are the available data package bundles to borrow:

  1. 10 MB data loan for Rs. 50 with 1-day validity – payback amount Rs. 57.5
  2. 50 MB data loan at Rs. 100, valid for 1 day – payback amount Rs. 115
  3. 200 MB data loan at Rs. 200, valid for 3 days – payback amount Rs. 230
  4. 350 MB data loan at Rs. 300, valid for 7 days – payback amount Rs. 345
  5. 750 MB data loan at Rs. 500, valid for 14 days – payback amount Rs. 575
  6. 1.5 GB data loan at Rs. 1000, valid for 30 days – payback amount Rs. 1150

Eligible customers for Airtel Credit Loan Service (Data CLS)

Customers with registered Airtel prepaid SIM are eligible for Airtel Data CLS. Besides that, their monthly recharge frequency and average spend are the two essential considerations for qualifying for an Airtel data loan. Customers must have also paid back any pending loan and charges associated with each package they availed.

To check eligibility for a Data CLS from Airtel, customers can dial *500# on their phone. If an ineligible customer tries using the CLS services, a prompt will appear asking them to recharge at least N100 per month to qualify. Further, customers can dial *141*3# to check their data balance once they receive the credit loan.

For non-airtel users

Airtel offers some of the most competitive data and voice rates with excellent data speeds. Non-airtel users can easily switch to Airtel completely free. Here’s how you can start enjoying world-class data rates from the first minute of switching to Airtel:

All national calls at 11K/s flat after the initial minute—subsequent charges at 40K/s with applicable VAT charges. International charges stand at N33/min.

All national SMS charges are N4/SMS. You can also avail of bonus data on a recharge of N500 and above.

Available data recharge packages:

  1. Data recharge of N500 and a bonus data of 100 MB
  2. Data recharge of N1000 and a bonus data of 400 MB
  3. Data recharge of N2000 and a bonus data of 1 GB
  4. Data recharge of N3000 and a bonus data of 2 GB


The Airtel data/SMS loan could save grace in emergencies and urgently call someone. Moreover, if you want to talk with someone for a longer duration, a data loan can also help make WhatsApp calls, helping you save more money by using less Internet data.

In the end, ensure that you don’t have any pending loans to pay off before taking another data loan. Thanks to the “Thanks” app by Airtel, taking a data/SMS loan is now more straightforward and time-saving.

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