How to Throw a Memorable Event

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Putting on an event, whether it’s for your business or a birthday party, can be stressful. There is always a lot of pressure to make sure everything is just right, but things often tend to go wrong on the day. This can spoil the experience for you, as you’re more preoccupied with making sure everything is resolved quickly and that your guests don’t get bored or unhappy. If you are in charge of planning an event and are worried about how you can put everything together, here are a few tips to help you make sure it is a night to remember (for all the right reasons, of course!).

Pick a Theme

Choosing a theme for your event might help you piece it together a bit easier as your choices for décor, food, etc., will all need to fit in with what you have chosen. It can also be more fun for your guests, and they will have a better idea of dress codes and what to expect from the event generally. For some people, picking a theme might feel a little cheesy, but it doesn’t have to be. For example, choosing a theme such as art deco glamour is always a crowd pleaser and elegant. If you’re throwing a corporate event that is based around launching a new product, you should try to find a theme that suits that product.


Finding a suitable venue can be one of the more difficult parts of arranging an event. The reason why this is a challenge is that you’ll have to find somewhere that is within budget and in a good location, but these spaces usually aren’t cheap. The reason your venue should be fairly central in town or at a location with good transport links and decent parking is it is much easier for your guests to get there. If it’s a pain to make the journey to your venue, this will put people off coming. You will also need to think about how your venue suits the type of event you’re throwing. For example, corporate events might work best in hotel function rooms or conference spaces, depending on the size of the event. For weddings, stylish hotels are also a good option, but country estates or other romantic settings are more desirable. What the venue can offer in terms of catering and drinks packages should also be taken into consideration, and if they have the right facilities for you such as a PA system, etc.


Your guests must be kept entertained; no one wants to stand around in silence and being forced to make awkward conversation. Again, the type of entertainment you choose will depend on your event, but live music is always a safe bet and will help get people up and moving. If your event does not revolve around dancing, even having soft acoustics playing will help to create a lovely atmosphere. You can find out more about hiring live music and event entertainment online. Consider other options to keep your guests having fun as well, like hosting a game of Bingo or a quiz. Magicians can be great entertainment, too, or caricaturists. 


You can’t have your guests going hungry, so even if you’re just serving canapés, at least that is something to keep them satisfied. As mentioned previously, your venue might be able to offer a catering package for your event as well. If not, you will need to hire a catering company to provide refreshments instead. For a quirky, fun approach, think about getting food vendor trucks to set up at your event. Your guests will love this and feel like they are at a carnival. Of course, this might not be suitable for every style, and a sit-down meal might be more appropriate for the kind of event you’re hosting. You’ll also need to think about getting a drinks service as well. A lot of catering events will do this too, but if you are going down the food vendor approach, you’ll need to source a mobile bar service.

Décor and Lighting

Having some decorations to spruce up the venue is an important detail that you shouldn’t skip. Even if your venue is already beautiful, adding some décor that reflects the theme of your event or just to make the place look that extra bit special will help to create the right atmosphere. Think flowers and candles on the tables, balloons, twinkle lights, or whatever you consider is appropriate for your specific event. You should also think about how you can use the lighting to create the right vibe. 

Running an event is never smooth sailing, but the more prepared you are, the less likely you’ll have major issues. If you want your event to be one to remember, use the tips above to help you plan for it, and most importantly, make sure you take a moment to enjoy your party!