How to use a zipper bag in the kitchen

Zipper Bags

It is undeniable that the global pandemic has taught us the importance of time management and the use of multipurpose products for our convenience. For an organised and hassle-free experience, high quality zip bags have become a recent innovation. They have revolutionized the kitchen, and they can be used for other items that need to be kept organised and in one place as well.

Especially for work-from-home couples and nuclear families , these zipper bags are a godsend for preparing food that lasts longer and eats healthier, since they have to balance meal prep with work or other household tasks.

Listed below are six unique ways to utilize Zipper Bags for a healthy, hassle-free lifestyle:

Keep leafy vegetables fresh for longer time: A variety of leafy vegetables, including coriander leaves, mint leaves, methi leaves, spinach, and spring onions, spoil quickly even when refrigerated. If there is any water in them, allow them to dry out on a piece of paper in the room for a longer period of time. Once the water has dried up, place the leafy greens in a Zipper Bag and store them in the refrigerator. The innovative Zipper Bag keeps your leafy greens fresh and in good condition for a long time.

Store one week’s meal: You can prep one week’s worth of meals in Zipper Bags and label them with the type of meal and the designated day. This can reduce stress and save you time on last-minute preparations. Moreover, the label space makes it easy to organize. If any of your meals contain curry, the leak-proof double seal technology prevents it from spilling.

Store Marinated Meat: A non-vegetarian cannot keep meat fresh for a long period of time even when it is frozen. But they no longer have to worry because, unlike a regular zipper bag, the  Zipper Bag not only keeps your meat fresh, but also keeps your kitchen smelling fresh by locking in the odour. Hence, zip bags keep food fresh and odor-free.

Smoothie Meal Prep: It’s now easier for health-conscious individuals to take time out of their chores to prepare smoothies, because they are included in either of their meals on a daily basis. These zipper bags keep your chopped fruits fresh for an extended period of time. Using the recyclable Zipper Bag, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle without having to chop fresh fruit every day. Just write down the fruit combinations and meal time on the label.

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DIY pastry bag: In case you run out of pastry bags when you’re ready to bake, you can count on the Zipper Bag. All you need is a pair of scissors and a ZipperBag, and you’re done. Fill cupcake molds easily by cutting half of the bag off, placing the filling inside, rolling it from above, and cutting off a slightly thicker corner. Simply cut off the tip of the corner to pipe a long-winded birthday message.

Streamline the freezer: Instead of freezing food in hard plastic containers, you can use bags with double-line zippers instead. Because these bags are leak proof, you can also use them for soups; just don’t load them up with heavy items before they set.

Zipper Bags may seem like simple household items, but they can be used for many different purposes. They can be used to store dry fruits, curries, purees, and even marinated meat, and make snacking on the go easier and less messy. Besides refrigerating leftover food, these bags can store dry spice powders, organize jewellery, carry travel essentials, and even organize medicines.

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