Importance of Water Tanks in Agriculture and Other Industries

Water Tank
Water Tank

As we all know, water is undeniably the most important resource in our life. It is quite impossible to survive without having access to water even for a single day of our life. All our daily chores, right from cooking, to washing depend on water.

However, with most natural resources constantly depleting from the Earth, it has become essential to judiciously use whatever is left for us. Therefore, most people make use of water storage tanks to save water for their daily needs. For those of you who are unaware, water tanks are huge containers useful for storing water, especially in areas with water scarcity. In times of crisis, people can easily make use of this stored water to fulfil their daily requirements.

In states where drought arises unannounced or without any prior warning, water tanks are the solution to prevent any chaos. Water Tanks have made life easier for people living in such Indian states. Keeping your water tank full to the brim and checking it regularly for any abnormal growth of germs will help you keep the water fit for use at all times.

The need for water and water tanks is not felt as strongly as it is in the lives of farmers. Depending on rains, waiting for them can often lead to extensive crop failures, not to mention financial loss. Furthermore, farms require lots of water for irrigation purposes. This can cause massive expenditure on the part of the farmer. Therefore, many farmers make use of water tanks for storing rainwater to irrigate their fields. Additionally, these water tanks help save a lot of trouble, and farmers do not have to wait for rainfall as much.

However, this is not all. Water tanks can be used for fulfilling several other domestic tasks as well. You get layered water tanks in the market to keep the water stored safe and ready for use. For instance, there is a 4-layer water tank, 5-layer water tank and 6-layer water tank available, which have several layers of materials to protect the tank against bacterial growth and damage.

There are also loft water tanks available in the market. The primary purpose of loft tanks is to provide additional water supply in a household. Loft water tanks, as the name suggests, are installed on lofts in indoor areas. The primary material used in their construction is HDPE or high-density polyethene and LDPE or low-density Polyethylene.

These water tanks allow users to store water, which can be used to clean, water the garden, cook food, and wash clothes. You must make sure that you use good quality water tanks to prevent the water quality from deteriorating with time.

While looking for water tanks, make sure you check a few critical points. Make sure the water tank is easy-to-install and has enough strength to withstand rough weather and temperatures. The size of the water tank would depend on your family size or the usage of water. These days water tanks are available in huge sizes as well. These sizes range from 1350 litres to 20000 litres. Apart from the humongous sizes, these water tanks are weather-proof, corrosion-resistant, long-lasting, and require zero maintenance. Additionally, they come with UV protection. 

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When it comes to longevity, Vectus manufactures reliable water tanks, offers high strength, and is durable than most water tanks in the market. In addition, their water tanks come with a solid, tough coating, which protects them from harmful UV rays.

Farming is a challenging profession, and not having access to clean water can ruin all efforts and tasks. Therefore, it is imperative to have suitable water tank installed in and around the fields to provide crops with a regular supply of water. That will ensure that no crops are wasted, and even the livestock is kept healthy.

Due to an increase in population, looking at India alone, the fight to access clean drinking water is bound to increase. As per studies, the population will increase to 10 billion by 2050. That also puts extreme pressure on the agricultural sector of the nation. As per experts, by 2050, agricultural production in India will have to increase by almost 70 percent.

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This reintensifies the need to be cautious while using limited resources such as water.