Major Uses of barge in the shipping business

Major Uses of barge in the shipping business

The significance of every small detail and link in the international shipping industry is what makes it so pivotal to economic growth. It is not just about loading freights in vessels and transporting them through international waters. The business grows with the small steps that lead up to the final journey of shipping cargo. A barge is one of such links that connect loose ends to make a big difference. It is a part of inland haulage services wherein traders can ferry goods through canals and rivers to the shipping port.

The need for understanding a barge’s meaning arises when a trader needs to transport goods from places that either connect directly with a major shipping port. Or in some cases, if the factory or warehouse is located in a remote area that does not meet any of the national highways. Some traders may also opt for a barge to save costs. Whatever be the case, budding traders need to understand the significance of barge’s meaning and uses in the business. Click to learn about the types of barges. But first, let us understand their uses in the industry.

Barges can ferry large tons of cargo through moving water without any hassle!

Different Types of Barges & Their Uses In Shipping Business

There is no denying the fact that the usage of barges has declined over the past two decades, given new traders are more reliant upon road transportation. But once a trader realizes the barge’s meaning and its importance in shipping cargo, he will understand how to make the most of this service. The only crucial task is classifying the barges as per their uses and productivity to transport the freight safely.

Dry Bulk Cargo Barges

Dry bulk cargo barges are large capacity cargo-carrying vessels that are big enough to contain bulky cargo. The flat-bottomed platform of this barge is made of steel to make it sturdy and strong.


It carries dry cargo like sandbags, gravels, food grains, coal ingredients and finished steel products, etc. The upper part of these barges is coverable to protect the cargo from direct sunlight or rain.

Car Float Barges

The barge’s meaning of car float barges has been popular since the early 20th century. Even the advanced versions of this barge come without any engine. Bargemen use tug boats to ferry the cargo to the defined destination. The decks of this barge are detachable, with rail tracks mounted on the facade.


The typical use of this barge is to ferry rail cars from one place to another. In most cases, the transporters load the rail car filled with cargo on this barge to ferry it to the nearest port of shipment. It still serves the same purpose.

Liquid Cargo Barges

Liquid cargo barges have been modified over the years for convenient and hassle-free transportation of liquid cargo. This barge meaning defines itself with the structure that has well-channeled pipelines and tanker storages for convenient loading and unloading of the cargo.


Shippers use this barge to transport different types of petrochemicals, including diesel, fuel, liquid fertilisers, gasoline, jet fuel, black oil products, etc.

Barracks Barges

Barracks barges are more of an accommodation vessel or houseboat, as most people call them. These are covered either with tent fabric or metallic structure to accommodate people safely in them.


Barracks barges are usually used by militaries and armies. Sometimes, sailors also utilise this barge to ferry goods along with them.

Split Hopper Barges

The barge meaning is in the name! Split hopper barges are designed efficiently with a split in its hull that parts open to dump the cargo contained in them.


These barges mostly serve as dumping vessels. Transporters use it to ferry sand, rocks, soil, rubbish, etc. and dump it in nearby rivers.

Royal Barges

Royal barges are extravagant houseboats with symbolism and designs approved by a monarch. The aesthetics of this barge give away a royal and fancy look.


This barge is prevalent only in countries where the monarchy is still alive. The royal families use it for celebrations.

Power Barges

The structure of a power barge contains a moveable power plant that runs on hydropower. The construction justifies the barge meaning effectively. It is a special-purpose ship used in different parts of the country.


It is a power generation barge that utilizes hydropower as the principal source. This barge is useful in plants and factories situated just beside a waterbody.

Barges serve as the best alternative to transport bulk cargo using the waterways. Traders can make ends meet with the help of the best shipping company offering barge booking services. One who understands barge meaning will know which one to book for the most cost-efficient transport service. One must always opt for the most reliable services for a better shipping experience. Ace Boater will help you to get boat license.