Uses of Desiccant in Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry
Desiccant in Pharmaceutical Industry

Desiccant is a hygroscopic material that helps to maintain object dryness. It is exactly the opposite of humectant, which promotes moisture retention. Desiccant aging consists of many factors that contain the number of cycles and exposure to avoid harmful contaminants. Desiccant removes humidity from the air and creates a moisture-free environment for the object. If the environment remains moist and damp, it can show dangerous results like damage in electronics, apparel, cosmetics, and vitamins, with many products hampered by this environment. Pharma Desiccant can help to prevent damage from this moist environment. Let us now discuss Pharmaceutical Desiccant

The desiccant in Pharmaceutical Industry

Desiccants are the most important part of the pharmaceutical industryThese desiccants are like small high-density polyethylene or in containers having absorbing agents like silica gel, molecular sieves, and a different configuration for storing them. Desiccant containers are available in different sizes. The Pharmaceutical Desiccant’s main purpose is packaging diagnostic, veterinary, dental equipment, and nutritional tablet packets. After packaging any tablet or capsule then desiccants are inserted in the proper lining so that the medicine won’t be affected because of moisture, rust, or micro-organism. 

In every product, moisture control should be there; otherwise, it will be damaged soon. Desiccant helps to lock the moisture and does not allow any harm to the product. In the pharmaceutical industry, many medicines and nutritional products are produced, and desiccant helps maintain the quality of these product products. There are many useful purposes for which desiccant is used by the pharmaceutical industry as it gives: 

A) Desiccant for moisture absorption: Add moisture to the product so that any micro-organism won’t harm the medicines and it will be safe. 

B) Silica Gel for controlling moisture: Adds features to the medicine and nutritional product to control the moisture and make it free from any damage.

C) Molecular sieves for water vapor and impurities absorption: Helps to control the molecular sieves of the medicine and quickly absorbs the impurities of the medicine packet. 

D) Good odor: It has activated carbon which gives a good odor, and silica gel helps absorb the bad odor and humidity level. 

Some facts of Pharma desiccant

Most desiccants are found in the packaging of products and items which can be damaged due to humidity. While manufacturing windows, they add a small amount of desiccant Pharma Desiccantwhich will absorb moisture and humidity in the enclosed space and make the window fog-free. Desiccants are packed in consumer products ranging from shoeboxes to vitamins packer. Desiccants are small in size, and sometimes they are packed in silica gel. Desiccants also have features like has a filter that stops the contamination process. 

Some of the specialty blended desiccants are available, which have some specific features. Desiccants are used in many industries like the computer sector, electronic items, manufacturing bodies, and many more. If the company wants to keep their product free from humidity and damage due to moisture reduction, they should use the desiccant, which will help fulfill this wish. Some common desiccants are silica gel, calcium chloride, activated alumina, montmorillonite desiccant, and molecular sieve. In these elements, desiccants are mostly found. It is safe to use while packaging the product. 


Desiccant is a very useful material with many features that help control any product’s moisture and humidity. After packaging any product, it remains inside the box, and sometimes it rust automatically, or micro-organism starts destroying it. If anything starts destroying the product, then it will be a complete loss for the manufacturer. In the pharmaceutical industry, many medicines are regularly produced. As the quantity is too much, taking care is a big issue for them. So, after the packaging is over, they try to add desiccant inside the package so that it won’t be damaged.