Will Online Learning be the future of education?

online learning

Mode of Study due to Pandemic

Today, all the universities and colleges are delivering online lectures to their pupils, due to Pandemic of coronavirus, the base for studies is totally evolved, from a physical campus to virtual classrooms. While in middle ages, all the universities in Europe delivered lectures face to face, utilizing teacher-student direct interaction, in which students were intended to copy notes from teacher’s lectures and then a brief comment session was practised. Now, the university mode of education visualizes more resemblances to the forebears of ancient times. 

Changes in the model of study induced by Corona Virus:-

All the universities had been practising cultural mode of education for a long time, i.e. attending lectures in physical classrooms having face to face live interaction with the class teacher. The pupils and teachers were a natural fit in this cultural model of education, but the Pandemic of coronavirus freaked out the entire system, including pupils and teachers. Now, pupils have been prohibited from entering classrooms and campuses since late March in the whole UK. All the classes and training courses are shifted to online platforms, resulting in increased utilization of modern information technology. While most of the students are unhappy with this mode of study, on the other hands, experts are presuming that online virtual method of classes is key to the future of higher education soon. Online resources like cheap assignment writing service are also playing an important role by helping students in their assignments writing in very low prices.

The opinion of University management staff:-

The management of the universities claimed that they were already slowly moving their course-outlines to online platforms for years. Still, Pandemic has induced a burden to shift all the classes to online systems collectively. It is trouble-causing work for them, but now they have improved mismanagement and teachers as well. As Mr. Ian Dunn, the Head of the Coventry University proposed that now universities should not go back to physical classroom lecture system, it is not a good idea now for a teacher to stand by in lecture hall and deliver a lecture to a class of 200 students-information acceptance and receiving ratio is declined in this method. The Pandemic of coronavirus has created such a worthwhile opportunity for us to move forward to the online mode of education.  

The Adobe and the Guardian hosted an online panel to survey the ratio of supporters of online education. While every supposed to answer the panel question, i.e. whether the universities are going to shift online in the future? Many participants and authorities were in favour of the transformation of the old cultural model of education to the modern virtual class system. 

Reviews of Teaching Staff:-

Mr Allison Littlejohn, a Lecturer of learning technology at University College of London, warned that there is a striking difference between distance learning and online learning, as distance learning is a mode of education in which Open Universities convey their courses, while online learning is another thing. Most of the students are attached to the cultural model of education, entering campuses and attending lectures in physical classrooms; they really value the cultural and social opportunities provided by their universities. Online classes can be proclaimed as a mixture of learning, where sometimes it comes with online lectures and then you have to meet face to face actually. Many universities are promising a model of the online education system for the students who enrol now for the September semester, pupils will be provided with lecture videos, readable notes and there will be an arrangement of discussion sessions also for the convenience of pupils. Students have to read and learn online lectures in their own time, and then they are advised to attend scheduled discussion sessions. But the point to ponder for the universities and colleges is: How students will get concepts and ideas through this online mode of education. UK Assignment Help also offers cheap assignment help for students to continue their education by taking online help for their academic work.

Advantages to some students:-

The online education system has some benefits for disadvantaged pupils as well as flaws of improper transmission of the concept of the course outlines. Some students have to live near campuses to get their degree, hiring an apartment or hostel facility for residence. If the universities continue the practice of online classes in the future, all of these pupils would be at ease, as they will quickly attend online lectures from their homes. It will be a potential benefit for them, including the students who are willing to go campuses for higher education from far away areas. They will manage their online classes and some type of work for income to give a helping hand to their expenses.

By online mode of education, disabled students will also get benefits, as they will not have to go to campus to attend the lecture, besides they will be at complete ease to attend lectures online from their homes. It will be an appreciative step for disabled students.

Condition of Technology infrastructure:-

When the classes are shifted to the online system in the future, it would be compulsory for every student and teacher to have access to a reliable internet connection and digital devices such as laptops or computers. But, unfortunately, the universities and public invested less in digital infrastructure at present, it will cause trouble in the future for the effectiveness of online education system. Our government has spent a meagre amount in universities for innovation of digital technology, and it should be appropriately regulated now to provide essential resources to every pupil and teacher. Otherwise, this system of online education will destroy the whole literacy of the country.

Conflicts of online mode of education:-

The online method of education will provide many advantages to both teachers and students, along with there are many conflicts regarding this as this can impact on the reputation of any institute if they failed to convey quality education to their students. The experts warned about the level of perception and reputation, and they explained that universities have to face many challenges in this regard. They have to improve teaching methods and data for better transmission of concepts and ideas to the pupils. If they fail to produce a healthy education, it will be a significant loss for the whole country. 

While on the other side, pupils are not familiar with online education; they are feeling more pressure than campus oriented education. The universities should arrange some creative meetings between pupils and teachers to encourage them regarding online education, help them out in difficulties and to build proper mental health according to the system.