Places To Visit in Central Vietnam On Your South East Asia Vacation

places to visit in vietnam

Vietnam ‘s central coast, from rugged inlets to sandy lagoons, is probably the most stunning that the nation has to deliver. This is a region of tremendous cultural and historical significance, home to both well-travelled and not yet visited interesting cities. These are some of the best places in Central Vietnam that travellers can explore on their vacation!

Pu Luong nature reserve, Thanh Hoa

To those who enjoy adventure, it will be an amazing opportunity to climb the Pu Luong peak. Hardness and exhaustion tend to vanish after five hours of trekking as soon as you reach the Pu Luong peak and admire the beautiful panoramic view of the Pu Luong valley. Pu Luong’s speciality is ‘rice’ and ‘hill peoples’ Rice blooming season in mid-June and October is the perfect time to visit Pu Luong.

Lan Chau island, Nghe An

The island is located near Cua Lo beach, and nicknamed Ru Coc (toad) island by the locals, since it appears like a giant toad facing the sea. The island of Lan Chau has a special geography splitting Cua Lo beach into two distinct zones. During dusk, the edge of the island appears as though it’s sinking into the water. When the tide sinks, a peninsula forms to the west of the island connected to the shore. The Eastern Island has cliffs extending out to the sea. The stones here are decaying over time and creating unique shapes.

Mooc stream, Quang Binh

This stream, on Road 20 – Quyet Thang in a branch of western Ho Chi Minh city., about 10 km from Phong Nha tourist centre. Drive down the windy path lined with green trees. You can see the stream right in the central valley of high calcareous mountains flowing out to the river Chay. The central stream stretches for 350 meters. Its pool, stream and waterfall, this is the location of vibrant art.

Hoa Trung lake, Danang

This lake in Hoa Lien commune, located about 20 km from the city centre is known as Tay Tang’s grassland in central Danang with many large lawns surrounding the artefact lake. To those who want to witness the dugout canoe trip on the emerald water dam, this is a perfect place. Local fishermen who bread the floating fish make the canoes.

Bay Mau coconut forest, Hoi An

The coconut forest of the Bay Ma, situated in the commune of Cam Thanh, that’s about 5 km from Hoi An. The forest is locally called Hoi An ancient town’s Southwestern area. There’s no explanation for this place ‘s identity, but it’s understood that this forest stretches over hundreds of hectares and lasts for hundreds of years. It is considered a precious spot to add to Hoi An’s charm.

Tam Thanh mural village, Quang Nam

Located at Trung Thanh, Tam Thanh, Tam Ky, Quang Nam, about 70 km from Danang, Korean painters sketch the walls of Tam Thanh village with over 100 murals. Nowadays this spot has become very popular in Quang Nam as a “should-not-miss” place. In addition to exploring the village, we will enjoy swimming at the nearby sea and experience the local people’s lives.

Ky Co, Quy Nhon

Ky Co beach is located about 25 km from the town of Quy Nhon and belongs to the Nhon Ly island commune. This beach, also known for its unspoiled charm and considered as Nhon Ly’s “the best paradise.” The water here is shallow and the waves are gentle. The beach is the perfect mix of emerald water with clean reefs and sandy beach.

Mai Nha island, Phu Yen

Mai Nha island in An Hai, Tuy An, Phu Yen is known as Robinson Island. It isn’t really far from the coast, but this is a perfect place to discover Phu Yen’s untouched beauty that is not very popular with many people. The best time to fly to this location is March through August. The sea is relatively calm at this period.

Eo Gio, Quy Nhon

Located in Nhon Ly, 20 kilometres from Quy Nhon Town, Eo Gio is one of the most spectacular places to visit once for all. Eo Giao’s name comes from its geological shape, from the top of cliffs. You can see a narrow strait filled with mountains like the arm holding a magnificent sea. It takes about 30 minutes from the central city of Quy Nhon to hit Eo Gio. On the road, you’ll be struck with the beautiful mountain and sea scenery landscape.

Ganh Da – Phu Yen

Located about 16 km from Tuy Hoa town but virtually isolated from Ganh Da and Bai Xep. Spectacular scenery can attract visitors, especially first-time visitors. This location has a harmonious combination of a mountain and a vast sea of emeralds. Also, if you’re travelling to Ganh Da – Bai Xep on the powerful day of the sea, you can hear the wonderful sound that makes you unforgettable.

Hon Noi, Khanh Hoa

It took an hour to hit Hon Noi from the Cau Da wharf – the swallows’ location in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa. This island ‘s importance is the twin beach that can’t be found anywhere in Vietnam. This beach offers two types of water in particular – the cold and warm on each side that give visitors a strong emotion.

Mui Doi, Khanh Hoa

Mui Doi – Hon Dau is often referred to as the East Pole, situated 80 km from Nha Trang on Hon Gom Island, in Van Ninh. We can ride a motorbike from Nha Trang, or take a boat from the fishing village of Dam Mon. It’s very hard but really exciting to overcome Mui Doi. The path is long, with steep cliffs and the hot sandy dunes that you have to ride across. When you reach the site, however, you’ll be engulfed in the breathtaking landscape. You can sleep here, swim or play sandy beach games and enjoy the seafood.

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