Requirements For Overhead Crane Training

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Operators of overhead cranes must be well-versed with the correct manner of signalling, rigging or operation, and crane maintenance. For this reason, they must undergo extensive training, which will prepare them for the different challenges they may face on the job site. The duration of the initial training is normally four days. However, the time of the online overhead crane operator course may depend on the crane that the operator will eventually be operating.

Normally the training lessons comprise of classroom theory as well as practical lessons. Many corporations, government agencies, and trainers recommend that the operators undergo national certification tests like the NCCCO [National Commission for the certification of crane operators]. Once the potential operator has passed the practical and written exam, they receive a certificate for crane operation. This certification will prove qualification and help them obtain work as a certified overhead crane operator.

Requirements for successful completion of overhead screen training

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration [OSHA], it must obtain the training for overhead cranes from sources that have been deemed to be qualified. You can either opt for overhead crane training online courses or offline.


As an overhead crane operator, your job will have many different aspects. You must maintain and regularly inspect the crane. The examination only explains what the operator has learned from experience in crane maintenance and inspection operation. Thus, experience is a valuable factor here.


Training for overhead cranes is incomplete in the absence of examination. The operator will be asked to take written and practical tests to signify their ability. Many crane operators have many years of experience under their belt, but they still wish to obtain certification from an accredited testing organization like NCCCO. Currently, NCCCO is the largest rigger testing, and crane operator organization recognized all over the nation.

The written test has 60 multiple choice questions that cover safety measures, maintenance, operation, and inspection of the crane. The time limit for the written test is 60 minutes.

The practical test needs the operator to lift the test weight and move it through a specified obstacle course. This test is also timed.

Physical ability

The operator must be over 18 years of age to sit for the NCCCO examination and certification. The job of overhead cranes can be very physically demanding.

To ensure that the candidate’s capability matches the training requirements, they will have to attain a doctor’s certificate that meets the requirements for medical examination as per the Department of Transportation requirement. Once the certificate is obtained, it is held valid for two years. The potential operators are also needed to pass a drug test before becoming certified overhead crane operators.

Being a certified overhead crane operator, a person needs to be physically fit, mentally stable, and ready to work long hours.