Romantic Adventures Explains How Adult Toys Can Benefit Couples’ Relationships


The first thing that comes to mind for many people when they think about sex toys is a single woman using a toy because she doesn’t have a partner to meet her sexual needs.

But did you know that sex toys are actually a great option for couples as well? A vibrator doesn’t have to replace sex with your partner—it could actually enhance pleasure for you both! One survey even found that 52% of couples use toys to keep their sex life exciting. 

We at Romantic Adventures Jackson are here to share just a few ways that adult toys can benefit your relationship.

Sex Toys Help You Communicate Better

Bringing adult toys into your relationship is a learning process–both you and your partner will get to experience a whole new range of sensations. You can use that new burst of sexual energy to enhance communication with your partner.

Adding some toys to the equation is an opportunity for you to get into some good communication habits that will make having sex more enjoyable and intimate for both of you.

Ask: Is this enough pressure? Does that hurt? What do you think of this angle? Do you have enough lube? Do you want another pillow? Where is this toy giving you the most sensation?

If you’ve stopped asking your partner questions like these during sex, toys will help you add that dynamic back in.

Good communication habits don’t have to be a mood killer either—add a playful, dominant, or nurturing tone to your questions to make the questions (and answers!) a turn-on for you both.

Then take your communications skills from the bedroom to everyday life and see how your whole relationship benefits.

Sex Toys Can Counter Common Anxieties

We all have our anxieties surrounding sex. Sex can be an incredibly intimate thing, and it doesn’t help that the media often leaves us with some unrealistic expectations for ourselves or our partners.

Whatever it is that’s making having sex an anxious experience for you, and adult toys can probably help!

The Logistics

Some of our anxieties are about the basic physical aspects of sex. Here are the biggest:

  • Unplanned pregnancies

For most of us, sex isn’t just about making babies—that might even be the last thing you want.

If anxiety about having an unplanned pregnancy is killing the mood, adult toys can be a great way to have some fun without needing to worry about that situation.

  • Health and wellness

Maybe you and your partner are on the same page about sex mentally, but your bodies are getting in the way. Periods, yeast infections, soreness, sickness, injury, and more can throw a wrench in your plans.

Luckily, sex toys don’t have those kinds of problems, so if you aren’t in good health to have the kind of sex you prefer, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be intimate with your partner.

Use a toy on your partner so you can both stay involved. Try watching your partner use a toy on themselves—it could add a great new element to your sex life if you haven’t done that before.

  • Low stamina

Did an early orgasm bring your penetrative sex to a quick end? Dildos have infinite stamina, so just switch to one of those and get right back to it.

For many sex toys, the only limitation is battery charge—sometimes not even that!

If you’d rather improve your own stamina, toys can help with that too. You can pick up toys like cock rings from  Romantic Adventures in Pearl, MS, to help you keep your erection.

The Abstract

Other anxieties are a little more complex. Here are some issues related to libido, emotions, and relationship dynamics:

  • Different sex drives

Real-life isn’t like the movies. In all likelihood, you and your partner won’t always be in the mood at the exact same time and then have perfectly matched libidos. That’s normal!

When you and your partner have a mismatch in libido, energy, stamina, or even just free time, a sex toy can bridge the gap.

  • Sexual pressure

The most important thing about sex is consent—a clear-minded, voluntary, ongoing, enthusiastic YES! If you aren’t in that situation, then nobody should put sexual pressure on you—not your partner and also not yourself!

If consensual sex isn’t on the table, your partner can use a sex toy to burn off some sexual energy instead.

One way to care for a partner who wants more sex than you do is to give them a sex toy as a gift. That’s a simple way to acknowledge your partner’s sexual needs while still maintaining your own sexual boundaries.

Just remember that you’re never obligated to take care of your partner’s sexual needs—you can care for them like that if you want to, but it’s not your responsibility.

Final Thoughts

Sex toys aren’t just for single people—tons of couples use adult toys to enhance their sexual and personal relationships.

Do you want to try out an adult toy with your partner? Romantic Adventures in Jackson, MS, is here to help.

Romantic Adventures has something for every couple and every person’s body. From dildos and vibrators to bondage kits and prostate stimulators, Romantic Adventures Pearl could be just what you need to bring your relationship to the next level.