SEO Updates – What’s in the package and does it impact the old content?

SEO Updates
SEO Updates – What's in the package and does it impact the old content?

Changes usually see resistance around, for the unease it might bring. Companies suffer from this human tendency while bringing reformations in their workflow. Might it be because of the fear of the unseen? People usually challenge a change because they think it might challenge their position, but it is rather a confusion. A better analogy would be of a man standing near a road diverging into two, where he does not know which one to take. But what does change have to do in SEO? We will look at it. Every now and then, Google keeps on introducing updates into its behavior. These updates are not like those of the play-store applications’ that bring joy to the heart about ‘what new!’ rather these updates challenge the already formed. Many might frown upon why would Google try to challenge the netizens? The answer is that Google does not try to challenge its netizens, but rather the foul netizens who try to trick it and those who come to google for a lamp of insight. Suppose you go to google and ask about some SEO packages, but instead of the content you seek it shows you an unrelated page having the phrase ‘SEO packages’ somewhere in the middle or totally hidden – What would be the feeling? A sense of distrust would grow in Google and technology at large. People practice all the short and unfair ways to rise to fame, and this leads to inaccuracy. This is one such reason why Google introduces updates. Back when Google had introduced FRED, a lot of websites using black hat techniques to overload themselves with ad-monetization. What was the overall impact? The visual side was not coming good to the eyes, low-quality of content, the aggressive advertisement was coming as an obstruction for the reading. A lot of dummy websites created for commercial revenue were highly impacted. Was the update for good?

Another reason Google brings in the updates is for the sake of development. Google invests a huge amount of their revenue on Research and Development – this works on looking for the ways that could be but are yet unseen, the possibilities that could be realities. We do not grow merely by improving the old, but by inventing the new. If had it been just about improving the railways, airplanes would not have been flying across the states today. These changes come gradually. Google is working on Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning, and many of the updates around it has already been introduced in SEO. But people do not usually care about the things unless those things hold the ability to impact them. SO, what is there about the SEO updates and how do they impact the already established environment?

How do SEO updates impact the old content?

When you write a fine piece of article, you expect it to reach the ears of all those yearning for quality. You either read days and nights about how does the internet work, SEO, updates, and much beyond, all in an attempt to reach the multitude, or you go higher the best SEO agency, buy one of those SEO packages, and leave it to them until your rank rises to your expectations. But sometimes an update arrives and suddenly your ranking sees a big drop. Google breathes in some data and breathes out an update, this is how lively it is. It speaks of introducing big and small changes as core updates that focus on improvement. When these core changes see some discord between your setup and the setup it thinks is good for the triumph of us all, it drops you down. This is why you need to keep your content optimized in accordance to their core updates and other major updates. It might get hard for you when you strive to get aboard on the first page of Google’s search result, and thus you might hire an SEO agency.

It does not inflict hard onto those who keep on following the white hat techniques and offer quality content to its users, because Google mainly focuses on those who try to fool. But even about those small drops, what could be done?

  • Plan for the long-term and not for the short snobbish rise: When you plan for the long term, you keep in mind the vision of the internet, which is to create a Search Engine into an intellectual giant who knows what people are looking for. Indeed, Google is a company that would seek some benefits for itself, but so do you – thus it is best to work in accordance.
  • Keep your old content optimized per the contemporary standards that a search engine finds apt of bringing its vision to reality. Google is trying to show people what they intend to. As of now, it is not much strong – for eg., if you search “does SEO update impact old content?” you might not see the result you expect. Google is working on semanticity, and in the future, you might be able to see a match between your queries and your expectations.
  • Write quality content with an intention to serve people quality. If you are trying to tell people about ‘how to make an apple pie?” tell them that with creativity and not beat around the bush to keep the reader stuck. People are not fooled easily when it comes to this, and you soon might see this if kept using foul tactics. Google takes care of its EAT principle (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) when it comes to reading the content and ranking likewise.

SEO optimization is the key:

Forget that the updates will ever stop. Growth does not come in a spoon, it comes with learning and adapting. By optimizing your content, making necessary adjustments, you ensure that your hand does not move away off the throne. If your content is working well and yet has the space for a rise, wait until you see the need to do so. If there are many pages within your website and you find it unrealistic to update all, sift some top-creams and make adjustments to them.

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