Top 10 tips for email management


The world has gone digital and thus, many people are using 2-3 email accounts. In such a scenario, email management is an essential activity. In fact, it is estimated that a regular professional receives 121 emails in a day and that estimates to about 28% of their work week. Hence, it is important to have good email management techniques to keep productive and balance your work life. Read on to find out some tips for efficient email management.

How to manage emails in a better way?

Emails have become vital pieces of communication amongst businesses to crack a deal. In fact, even organizations use it to communicate amongst their employees. Even data and records are shared via emails to save time. However, you do spend half of your work time responding to emails.

If you are someone who is tired of reading and responding to emails, then here are top 10 email management tips for you. These tips are very simple and easy to follow.

Top 10 tips for email management

  1. Schedule– The major hack is to master the time management technique. If you cater to every email notification that keeps popping, you lose a lot of your productive time. To avoid this distraction, you need to allocate a time in your schedule to check all the emails. You can choose to plan two slots a day as this can give you a break between notifications.
  1. Press the delete button– Please do not hold on to emails that you have read and are of no use to you. They just fill up the space in your inbox and add on to unnecessary clutter. If you are using Gmail, then you will have all your deleted emails in the Trash folder for 30 days. So, you can revisit them as well.
  1. Unsubscribe is the key– It is one of the best tips for email management as promotional emails take up a lot of space in our inbox as compared to work emails. Hence, unsubscribe from all the unwanted newsletters and subscriptions immediately.
  1. Create folders- Categorize your emails into various folders and delete the unwanted emails. You can label the categories as per your convenience. This will help you to manage multiple emails pouring from multiple accounts.
  2. Pause your emails- If you feel that constant emails notifications are hindering your productivity and time, then hit pause on your inbox. You can change the notification setting on your phone or PC to silent. This is a useful email management tip as this will give a break to your mind while you are relaxing.   
  1. Read and respond- If you are required to offer a short response to an email, do it immediately. It will stop your inbox from having piles of emails. You will also have increased focus and productivity if you cater to a limited number of emails at a time.
  1. Mark important emails- You can flag or star or save emails that are important and require your attention. These can be emails that require a well-thought response from your end. You can save such emails if you want to cater to them later on. Gmail allows you to star your emails and they are automatically saved in the starred folder.
  1. Disable social media pings– Facebook and Instagram keeps on giving you activity notifications via email. These are unwanted notifications for your email as they just clutter your inbox. Always choose to unsubscribe from them. This is a good tip for managing emails efficiently.
  1. Delegate– You can always delegate office emails to your team members who specialize in a particular department.
  1. Create replies– If you are re-writing the same message again and again; consider creating a template for it. This can help you to save a lot of time. This is a great mailbox management tip that will help you to reduce all your writing burdens.

Apart from all these tips, it is a good idea to take help from email management apps. One such app is Mailman as it helps to manage emails efficiently. It offers all-round features to manage inboxes. It shields you from unimportant messages and you can set time slots to receive all your emails in one shot.


The distraction related to emails is real. Do not waste your precious work time checking emails. Get real work done by opting for email management apps that automate your work and save your time.  

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