Slippers, why are they good for your feet?


This article is written by Pickyoursandals. Has it ever happened to you that after a day of exhausting work you have arrived home and just by taking off your shoes and putting on your slippers you have felt much better?

People who use them know that they are the most comfortable thing to walk around the house, they keep the feet warm and besides that, they also have other great health benefits.

It is true that not all of them are the same, and of course the quality will also affect these benefits, but stay with us! Today we are going to talk about the benefits of wearing slippers at home or why wearing slippers is good for your health, don’t miss it!

They keep your defenses at full strength

Feet (and hands too) are key in protecting us against colds and flu. Slippers keep our feet warm and that allows the blood to flow normally and the defenses are strong to fight diseases and viruses effectively.

Slippers protect against infections, bacteria and fungi

Did you know that the shoes you’ve been on the street with bring with them countless amounts of bacteria, germs and dirt that ends up on the floors of your home? This could actually be the main reason to wear slippers, as they keep your feet away from all that great flora that inhabits the floors of any home.

Wearing slippers, therefore, will help protect your feet from foot diseases such as fungus or athlete’s foot, among others.

They are truly comfortable

Wearing slippers at home will help you feel much more comfortable because they are perfectly designed to adapt to your natural footprint and avoid the discomfort caused by walking barefoot. No, although it may seem like it, it is not the same as walking with socks.

Reduce foot pain and tension

If you are someone who suffers from foot discomfort such as pain or tension, which may even extend to your legs, wearing slippers at home can help. Slippers support your feet and can help reduce pain, discomfort and built-up tension, while keeping your feet comfortable and warm.

Promotes better blood circulation and prevents swelling of the feet

If you have poor blood circulation or your feet and legs swell easily, wearing slippers can help you avoid it. By doing so you are stimulating blood circulation so it is natural that the swelling is reduced.

So, if you’re sick of dealing with swollen feet, good slippers may be the ally you need.

How to benefit from all these advantages: 

Well, as we mentioned before, in order to obtain all these benefits, it is essential to acquire quality slippers that provide the support your feet need. And as we know that the search may not be easy, we have taken great care to bring you the best, of excellent quality, with which you will feel comfortable walking around the house as if you were barefoot. How wonderful, isn’t it?

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