Useful Tips for Designing According to Vastu Shastra

Home Decoration

Vastu shastra is an ancient genre of Indian astrology. According to famous astrologers in Mumbai who have expertise over Vastu Shastra, ancient Indian cosmic architecture creates a harmonious environment in your house. According to Vastu consultants, the right direction of Designing your house brings wealth, health, and prosperity to your house.

As per ancient Vastu Shastra, the south is the best direction for sleeping. It means that your legs should be towards the north and head towards the south. Here is a complete guide about designing your bedroom according to Vastu shastra. To better understand, you can consult with the best astrologers in Mumbai who are experts in Vastu shastra.

The Direction of Designing Bed in The Bedroom:

According to Vastu experts, your bed should be in the southwest corner of the bedroom. Experts consider south and east directions ideal so that legs are towards the west or north directions.

The Primary bedroom is the most important be4droom in your house. It influences the health and prosperity of the family. According to Vastu astrologers in Mumbai, the sleeping position should be in the south or west.

Try to place your bed in the center of the bedroom. It will create positive energy and provide enough space in the bedroom. Please don’t place your bid at the corner; it will bring negative energy to your mind. 

2. Position of The Guest Room:

The Northwest direction is ideal to choose your guest room design. The bed should be heading west and made of wood. Metal beds can influence the negativity in your house.

3. Mattress for Couples:

You should place a mattress on your bed that keeps comfort while sleeping. It will bring positivity and motivation to you. Couples should sleep either on a single or double mattress. They should never use two single mattresses for sleeping. It may create marital problems in marriage.

4. Bedroom Designing Direction for Family Members:

The children’s bedroom is best in the east or northwest corner of the house. The senior citizen’s room is best in the south or southwest direction. Also, a bedroom in the north is considered lucky for students and job seekers. 

5. Design of The Bedroom:

The bedroom should be spacious and airy. It would be best to keep windows to let in the air in your bedroom. It will enhance the positivity in your mind. Your bedroom and bed should be rectangular or square. Try to avoid oval or round-shaped beds and bedrooms. 

6. In Which Way Bedrooms Should Not Be Designed:

As per Vastu southeast bedroom can cause quarrels among couples. The bedroom in the northeast can create health problems. According to astrology, the center of the house is called “Brahmasthan” and creates continuous vibrational energy in the house. Experts suggest that you never design your bedroom at the centre of your house. For a successful married life, the wife should sleep on the left side of her husband.

7. Sleeping Directions: 

        Directions       Benefits
East   Fame and prosperity
West Harmony and aesthetics
North Opulence and wealth 

Experts advise that you should not place your head on the northern side during sleeping. Vastu astrology also advises that you should never place your legs southwards. It will hamper your sleep and create negative energy in your mind. South is the direction of the god of death. Vastu’s advice is to avoid this side, as sleeping may create health issues.

8. Colour and Bedroom Design:

A rectangular and square-shaped bedroom is the best to choose. The colour of the bedroom should be red or pink. These colours signify passion and romance and will bring peace to your mind. The throws and duvets should be red, and the bedsheets and covers can be pink in colour. 

9. Vastu for The Ceilings of The Bedroom:

The ideal height of the bedroom is 10 feet. The lower height of the bedroom will create poor air circulation in the room. Try to avoid false ceilings as it generally doesn’t match Vastu designs.

Vastu suggests that you should not use mirrors on the ceiling to reflect the bed. The colour of the ceiling should be white or any light shade. It will enhance the serenity of your soul. Try to avoid the skylight ceiling to get a peaceful sleep.

10. Attached Bathroom:

If there is an attached bathroom in your bedroom, then the direction of the bedroom should be in the southwest direction. The bathroom floor should be above 1 to 2 feet above the ground level compared to the bedroom floor.

11. Tips for Doors and Windows:

Vastu advises that you never keep a window behind your head open during sleeping time. The windows must be airy to bring more positivity to your home environment. The doors of the bedroom should not be scratched. It would be best if you never kept the attached- bathroom door open when it is not in use.

Vaastu advises that if you follow the Vastu tips while designing your bedroom, it will enhance the positive vibes in your life and bring prosperity to your life.