Telemedicine and Dermatology: A New Frontier in Skin Health


Skin health is an important aspect of overall health, but accessing dermatological care can often be challenging for people living in rural areas. Although the percentage of the rural population is declining, around 17.13% of the total US population has lived in rural areas in recent years. Even those that do usually have to wait a long time before seeing a dermatologist.
The issue with skin diseases is that most of them are fast spreading if not treated immediately. Many skin conditions, like fungal infections, Impetigo, Ringworm, etc., are contagious, making the person a threat to others. This raises the need for online doctors.

Thankfully, now through telemedicine is changing the way healthcare is delivered. Online doctors at TelMDCare examine patients and treat them without a long wait.
But Can Skin Diagnosis Be Made From A Distance?
The pandemic has brought a lot of changes in the field of medicine. Now, online doctors are diagnosing and treating skin conditions. Telemedicine can be used for dermatological care and benefit patients of all ages. Let’s see how.
Faster Diagnosis And Treatment
One of the most significant benefits of telemedicine is receiving a diagnosis and treatment plan quickly. With traditional treatments, patients have to wait long to see the doctor. This delay can further complicate the issues.
However, virtual doctors allow patients to book doctor appointments online quickly and get an examination and treatment plan without leaving their homes.
For instance, if a patient notices changes in their mole, they can instantly click a picture and send it to their online doctor. There are chances that if they wait for a physical dermatologist appointment, the issue might get worse. The dermatologist will examine the picture and, through online video consultation, provide a treatment plan.
Easier Access to Specialists
Finding a good dermatologist in your area can be tough sometimes. Telemedicine allows you to get in touch with online doctors via video calls, messages, etc., from anywhere in the world.
For example, if a patient has a rare skin disease and does not have any highly experienced dermatologists in their area, they can find an online doctor easily through services like TelMDCare.
Plus, it can help address the shortage of dermatologists in a certain area by enabling providers to see more patients by increasing their practice size. This reduces travel time and costs, providing patients with more specialized care.

Convenience and Affordability
Apart from these benefits, there is something else that makes telemedicine popular. It is its convenience and affordability. Some individuals avoid going to a hospital because it makes them tense and anxious.
People like this avoid hospitals because of personal issues, its hassle, and the expense and easily benefit from a virtual doctor. Patients can schedule doctor appointments online at TelMDCare, an affordable telemedicine platform that doesn’t require their patients to have health insurance. They can take the session from their home, office, or any other place that suits them without wasting time, money, or energy commuting.

Effective Treatment for Chronic Skin Conditions
Various skin conditions are chronic. For instance, Psoriasis requires extensive treatments and multiple follow-ups. In-person dermatologist visits can be quite hectic for the patient and will also be costly.
Telemedicine providers like TelMDCare allow patients to treat these chronic diseases in the comfort of their homes. They can have multiple follow-ups without any concerns. Patients can receive ongoing care and monitoring of their condition by virtual doctors, ensuring they receive the right treatment at the right time. This can improve patient outcomes and reduce patient emergency room visits.
TelMDCare Provides Experienced Telemedicine Doctors
When it comes to telemedicine, a trusted, professional online doctor is required. TelMDCare has a team of experienced virtual doctors who provide diagnosis, treatment, advice, and guidance to patients in multiple US states.
If you are looking for affordable telemedicine providers, who do not demand health insurance, TelMDCare is your go-to provider.
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