The Ultimate Guide To Braided Hairstyles For 2022

Braided Hairstyles

Do you want to look your best? Finding the perfect hairstyle can often be a long, drawn-out process. You have to figure out which length and style suit your face shape, what haircut is going with what kind of clothes you wear on a day-to-day basis, and then there are all the trends that come into play. The thing is, none of these things should stop you from feeling good about yourself. So put away the hair dye and hair spray and consider these 17 easy-to-follow hairstyles that will make you feel great.

Easy Braided Hairstyles For Black Women

If you’re looking for a way to add some style to your everyday look without taking a lot of time or effort, then consider adding some braids to your locks. Braided hairstyles look particularly good on women with naturally curly hair, and they’re easy to maintain. They can add a great flair of individuality to any hairstyle and really make you feel like the beautiful person you are.

Flame Braids:

 These long loose braids that go from the crown of your head down to the nape of your neck are ideal for those who have straight hair or fine hair. The loose braids along the head are easy to maintain and they give your look a real sense of softness. However, if you decide to go with this hairstyle it’s important that you keep your hair long enough and wear clothing that will complement them.

Ropes Braids:

These tight braids are really pretty in the back and they can easily be done by yourself. They’re somewhat difficult to achieve if you have very tight curls, but if you have a curly layered haircut then this should work well for you.

Fishtail Braids:

These braids are often worn by hairstylists because they look so cool. They’re perfect for people with medium to long hair, and they’re often made into a ponytail with loose pieces that give it a more modern look. The fishtail braid is easy to achieve, but you do have to have some hairstyling experience under your belt before you attempt it.

Afro Puffs:

These tangled hairdos look great on ladies with short or tightly curled hair. The loose strands of hair that hang loosely are easy to maintain, but they do require some practice before you can master the technique.

Twisted Knots:

This is a very fun hairstyle that looks particularly good on women with long hair and curly or wavy hair. Loose braids will create messy waves in your tresses and this can be great for adding some movement to your look. These braids also appear really pretty when styled into a high ponytail for a much more feminine look.

Finger Twists:

These twists are much like the rope braids. Long tight braids are created along the back of the head, and they can look really pretty with inverted ponytails or loose buns. This hairstyle is ideal for people with straight hair and finer hair without a lot of body.

Braided Updos:

 The key to these buns is not creating too much tension in your strands of hair and using a lot of pins to hold everything together. Remember to keep your hair loose for the best results.

Zig Zags:

These buns are perfect if you have wavey hair and a lot of volume at the roots. They’re best suited for people with straight hair and medium to coarse textures without a lot of body.

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Twisted Cornrows:

There are several different types of these braids, and they’re mostly suitable for people with really curly or wavy hair that can be styled in a number of ways. Loose pieces of hair are created into the braids, and they’re easy to create at home if you have a little bit of patience.

Reverse French Braids:

These braids look particularly pretty on women with medium to short hair, but it’s important that you style them in such a manner so that your natural texture isn’t disturbed. The long braids really do make all the difference, and they should be done by somebody who knows what they’re doing.

Crown Braids:

 These braided crowns really work on just about anybody. They’re ideal for people with long and straight hair, but they can be done by yourself with the aid of a mirror. You can make your own crown braid and use it to achieve a very fashionable updo if you want.

Cornrow Crown:

These braids actually look particularly good if you have short hair. They can also be done by yourself if you’re coordinated enough.

Faux Locs:

You don’t have to go through all of the rigmarole of actually locking your hair to achieve this look. Just getting a few braids in your hair and letting them grow out will be enough to give you the same effect.

Crochet Braids:

These long braids that go across your forehead are ideal for people with long hair, and they can really make you look classy. They can be done by yourself as long as you know what you’re doing.