Tips on Selling a Home with Unpermitted Work


The need for cash buyers in Santa Ana goes beyond the need for quick home sales or cash for homes type of deal. Yeah! We buy houses in Santa Ana advertising companies are a way out when the need arises for a quick home sale in Santa Ana, but that’s the end of cash buyers. DIY home repairs and upgrades are the norms now. And homeowners rarely bother about permits from the city council until it’s way too late.

Hours of poring over the tiling or paint color, even the finish for your home renovation, but many let this small detail slip right through the cracks. Not considering permits when making these changes can become a real problem, especially when you want to put the house on the market. As simple as deck modification or gutters, all the way up to complex ones like basement finish, 4 out of 10 random homes has one form of unpermitted work.

Being under pressure to sell a home with unpermitted work adds salt to the wound. The home sale could blow up in your face, especially if you decide to sell the house the traditional way.  Some of the difficulties you are bound to face when selling a property with unpermitted work include:

1. Legal Issues

This is bound to happen, especially if the buyer had no idea about the upgrades as at when purchasing the house. Buyers have the right to make accurate findings of a property, which would let the cat out of the bag as per the upgrades. This can backfire with legal repercussions, and relentless buyers can sue you. Every renovation in your house must have a permit because city inspectors will check how well you have followed the set code per home renovations and constructions.

2. Financing Issues for the Buyers

The challenges that come with putting a house with unpermitted work are faced by everyone involved in the deal. As a buyer, this jeopardizes your application for financing. Loan applications will get rejected upon home inspections, and you will leave such buyers devastated. Furthermore, home insurance companies will not be of much help because renovations lacking permits are risky since there’s no validation for the quality of work done.

3. Buyers Can Back Out of the Deal

In your bid to save buyers from financing issues, disclosing your house has unpermitted work is often met with rejections. You can expect that most of the buyers would say no immediately. You can wave goodbye to a fast home sale in Santa Ana when this happens because no one wants to spend their resources fixing legal issues concerning unpermitted works. Buyers are conscious that once the house is bought and it has unpermitted works, the seller would have no responsibility for the property whatsoever. Are you the buyer? Stop thinking you can sell the house with code violations in the future; you might not be as lucky and spend more on the house. Risk getting sued by a relentless buyer? You need not open yourself to all these challenges because we buy houses in any condition in Santa Ana, CA.

Cash For Homes In Santa Ana: The Solution

Unpermitted work cannot be ruled out of our homes; how we go about it matters. Obtain a permit? This automatically means a costly deal as you have to spend more at this point, especially with a pressing need to sell the house. Unpermitted work, on the other hand, scares potential buyers away. If you eventually find one, disclosing the property has unpermitted work drives down the price of your home. But you are not left without help; you can still get that property sold because we buy homes in Santa Ana.

How do I sell my house in Santa Ana, especially with unpermitted work? Cash for homes in Santa Ana is the way forward.

Opting to deal on an “as-is” basis means that you put it into writing that anyone who buys the house for an agreed value will take responsibility, not the seller, for any issues regarding the unpermitted work. If you sell to a real estate investor such as John Medina Buys Houses, you might have the luxury of selling as-is. This is the point where you say to yourself, “I can sell my house in Santa Ana also.” We buy houses in Santa Ana, and you won’t have to go through any application process or get a new permit. Sell as-is to us, save yourself the stress, let go of equity for this fast-paced problem-solving deal and move onto your next property. This time, keep your urge for DIY upgrades under control, and if you lose it, we’ll come to your rescue once again.