Tips To Spice Up A Long-Term Relationship


You know what they say about the thrill of the chase. Well, that goes double for relationships. From the moment you meet someone new, there’s an excitement in getting to know each other, learning about their quirks and habits that drives you crazy with curiosity—and desire! But then comes along something called “settling down” and things can get boring pretty quickly. Believe it or not though, there are ways to keep things spicy even after a decade together. Here are my top tips that’ll help spice up your long-term relationship:

Be brutally honest

Being brutally honest with your partner is one of the most important things you can do to spice up your long-term relationship.

Here’s why:

It’s not easy to be vulnerable, but it will strengthen your bond with that person. There are many benefits to being vulnerable in a relationship, including increased connection, trust and understanding between partners; when we open up about our feelings and desires (and even our fears), this helps us connect on deeper levels than ever before!

Don’t be afraid to try new things

You don’t need to do anything crazy or extreme, but you should be willing to try new things together. If you’ve been in a long-term relationship for some time, it can be easy for both of you to fall into a routine that doesn’t include much excitement. One way to keep things fresh is by trying out something new from time-to-time–whether it’s going on an adventure together or trying out something new at home (like cooking).

Make time for intimacy

It isn’t always easy to find time for sex, but it’s important to make it happen at least once or twice a week. If you’re too busy to make love, schedule it into your calendar like any other appointment.

Be affectionate with each other

Kiss your partner hello and goodbye, touch them while you’re talking, hold their hand while relaxing together on the couch — all of these gestures will help keep your connection strong and help keep the spark alive between you both.

Be open about what turns you on (and off)

 You don’t have to have the same fantasies or desires that your partner does, but if there are some things you’d like to try out together or learn more about, talk about them! Don’t assume your partner knows what you like or want. If you have a fantasy, share it with them and ask what they think about it. This will help build trust and make your partner feel more comfortable about sharing their own desires with you.

Don’t let negative thoughts creep into your mind

You may be thinking, “What if this isn’t going to work? What if I’m never going to find anyone else?” But these kinds of thoughts only bring negativity into your relationship. Instead of thinking about what might go wrong with your partner, focus on what is working right now and why it is working so well.

Express your feelings to each other

One way to do this is by sharing what makes you happy or sad about the relationship. If something needs changing, talk about it! This is important because it shows that you care about each other and want to work on things together.

Take time for yourself and do things you enjoy

You should also make time for yourself. Don’t be afraid to do something for yourself, and don’t feel guilty about it, and even if it’s going to one of the popular Sydney brothels or going out with friends. Make sure your partner knows that they’re not responsible for making all of your happiness, and let them know that their happiness is important too!

Don’t feel like you have to justify or explain anything when doing things on your own; just go do it! If they ask why, tell them because it makes sense at this moment in time–don’t give an excuse or an explanation unless asked directly by them.

Go on dates regularly

When was the last time you and your partner went out for dinner or a movie? If you don’t make time for each other outside of the house, it can be easy to get caught up in day-to-day life and forget about romance. Once a week is a good goal; twice a month is even better if you can swing it. A date doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate — it just needs to be something that both of you enjoy doing together.

Take time for each other every day. You don’t have to do anything big — just spend some quality time together when you’re both tired at the end of the day. It could be as simple as making dinner and eating together at home or watching a show together on Netflix.