Top 07 Advantages of Bulk SMS for E-commerce Businesses

Advantages of Bulk SMS for Ecommerce

E-commerce businesses are growing exponentially, and new online businesses are taking place in the form of e-commerce. Every customer of e-commerce, whoever their targeted audience is, uses mobile phones for every need. However, phones have become an integral part of every person to access everything they are interested in. Therefore, all these businesses need a platform to communicate with their customers that need e-commerce business services or products.

Bulk SMS is a messaging service that will help businesses communicate with their targeted audience. 

E-commerce businesses are one of the services that need a bulk SMS service to promote their business. The most important thing is that e-commerce businesses need to update their customers whenever they order something. Without SMS service, businesses cannot proceed further and let their customers inform/confirm their orders. 

This article has mentioned all the top advantages of bulk SMS for an e-commerce business. With all these bulk SMS services, e-commerce businesses will know more about SMS services for their business. 

Advantages of Bulk SMS for E-Commerce Businesses

Confirmation on Order Booking

Whenever customers book anything from an e-commerce website, they expect a confirmation notification on their phone. However, you cannot keep your customers in a dilemma whether they have booked that particular item successfully or not. In most cases, when you do not provide such messages to your customers, they start connecting you repeatedly. So, to avoid such problems, you must choose the service of bulk SMS to confirm your customers on the booking and keep maintaining your brand image all the time.

Build An Image of your Brand

Bulk SMS service for eCommerce businesses is one of the only services that will help you keep a relationship between you and your potential customers. Keeping your image positive for your customers is an essential part of a business. So, bulk SMS service is one of the sources that help your business build your brand image and helps your business to continue it for a long time. In case you do not choose this way, people start forgetting you. Using these services has become an essential part of every business/ company. 

Most Used Channel

When you compare bulk SMS with other mass communication channels, you will see that SMS marketing is more powerful. In comparison with email marketing, electronic and print media, hoardings, pamphlets, and other such mass communication channels. All these mass communication channels are so expensive that they will not be in your pocket at all. However, all these channels do not guarantee you have your targeted audience with them.

Inexpensive Tool of Marketing 

Do you still think of a budget to market your services or products? You do not have to worry about it at all now. Bulk SMS is a very expensive service to market your services and products in the market. Companies like GetItSMS are giving the best offers on bulk SMS service. When you visit a site of these service providers such as GetItSMS, TheWorldText, EasyWaySMS, and 99SMSService, all these service providers give the best service to their customers. The starting price is Rs. 1700/- only, which will fit every business’s budget and provide them with the best bulk SMS service to market their business in the market.

Sell Your Products or Services

You send your messages to your customers and keep them updated with different things about your business. You will make your customers aware of new products or services that you are offering or about to launch. As a business, you have to just pitch them about the services or products your customers are looking for in the market. You will see that so many users are looking for new products and services in the market. Therefore, most of the time, the customers buy things knowing about the services of a business through bulk SMS that businesses are using to update their targeted audience. 

Undoubtedly, e-commerce businesses have done half of the advertising through bulk SMS. This service has provided so many advantages that will allow you to have this bulk SMS service in Bangalore city or other cities of India.

Incredible Advantages

Bulk SMS is the only mass communication channel with so many advantages. When you choose the service of SMS, you will see that this service has given results to the businesses. The advantages of bulk SMS have led businesses to choose the SMS service whenever a marketing idea comes to their minds. 

Almost all your customers have a mobile phone with them 24/7, which they use to communicate with friends and families. This is how this bulk SMS service allows businesses to communicate with each other, whether it is between a business to customer or business to business. 

  • 98% Open Rate of bulk SMS you send to your customers. 
  • High Readability: This makes your customers read your SMS as you send it to them. Because these SMSs are written engaging enough so the customers can just scan and scheme the messages. 
  • Fast: All the messages you send to your customers are sent in minutes. This does not take long to disseminate your messages, and customers instantly receive them. 
  • Cost-effective: This is the only service that will allow you to market your service at a low cost. The users do not have to make any efforts to inform the customers of their business.
  • No Application to Install: The customers who will receive your business’s messages do not have to install applications to read the messages.  

And other such advantages will improve the business image and meet their targeted customers.

Single Window Solution

Bulk SMS is a universal service that can be used by any business and is accessible to all customers. So, therefore, this service allows you to meet your potential customers using this single-window solution. Businesses will be allowed to meet their customers under one roof, and they do not have to make any efforts to approach their customers. Even customers do not have to do anything to receive such information. 

Final thought

Bulk SMS is one of the services with several advantages to meet businesses’ targeted customers. However, e-commerce businesses have to have this service because their customers depend on them when they book a product or service. If you do not work accordingly, this affects your brand image in the market. 

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