Top 4 Features of MetaTrader 5


Over the past few years, the Forex market has seen a surge in retail trading activity. As a result, traders are searching for a platform that has all the characteristics they need to succeed in the market. MetaTrader 5 has more features and tools than any other trading platform on the market today. To prove its new features and bundle of new capabilities, it succeeds the MetaTrader 4 platform, which was a hugely successful trading platform.

The following are four of MT5’s most intriguing characteristics, which show that, despite the proliferation of new trading platforms on the market, it is still the finest option for traders.

Variety of Timeframes

For every Forex trader, timing is a crucial factor. Upon joining the market, you will discover a new world populated by enormous financial organizations and central banks. Obviously, they have an advantage in the financial market because they have more capital and knowledge than typical retail traders.

However, it is essential to comprehend what they do to participate in the market and how they trade large volumes. They spend a lot of time with analysis because they view it as a crucial element of trading. In relation to their trading approach, it was also observed that a longer timeframe was employed.

Retail traders should learn about this from large financial organizations. It does not necessarily imply that you must also employ longer time frames, such as those employed by big financial organizations. You should make use of the several timelines that MT5 provides in accordance with your needs and trading strategy.

MT5 offers 21 periods, ranging from 1-minute charts to monthly charts.

Technical Indicators

There are some technical indicators in MetaTrader 4, but they aren’t as numerous as those in MT5. There are 38 built-in technical indicators in this trading platform, which are particularly valuable to retail traders. Some of these indicators can only be found in MT5, so you may not find some of the ones you’re looking for if you previously used MT4. There are also custom indicators that may be created for traders who like to use their own indicators.

Graphical Object

The Graphical Object is another useful tool for technical examination. MT5’s chart patterns can be deduced from the software’s 44 graphic items. When it comes to price action, chart patterns are an essential tool for traders.

Expert Advisors

Expert Advisors are yet another wonderful feature of MetaTrader 5. Due to their prominence in the market, they are also known as “auto trading robots.” They are the ones who have made the lives of every trader so much easier by automating everything. There are built-in Expert Advisors on the platform, and you may create your own using MQL5 programming mbc2030, which is easier to use than MQ4 which was previously utilized by MT4.